‘He Has No Offers’

1-Rivals pic

High school teams that win their state championship in football are often predominantly White (often from suburbs surrounding big cities). It is the exception when predominantly black (urban) teams defeat suburban teams. In roughly half of the 50 states, the … READ MORE

The Patriots Strike Back

1-Tom Brady and Roger Goodell

by J. B. Cash. The New England Patriots have responded to the fines and punishments levied against them by Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL by putting up a webpage that refutes point by point the extremely thin case against … READ MORE

The NFL Goes to War Against the Patriots

1-Tom Brady - Super Bowl 49

by J. B. Cash With the release of the Wells Report, the report the NFL commissioned to determine the details of allegations that the New England Patriots intentionally used footballs that had slightly less air in them than is specified, … READ MORE

U.S. Boxing is Dead

Sergey Kovalev
Sergey Kovalev

by J. B. Cash Anyone that sat through the snoozefest that was the “fight of the century” has to ask themselves: “This is the best they got?” Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao put a good chunk of people to sleep … READ MORE

The NFL Draft Sucks

1-NFL Draft

by J. B. Cash Yes the NFL draft sucks as the picks reinforce the “black as superior athlete” meme/Big Lie over and over. White players with better measurables and/or better college production are passed over for “projects” and unknowns. But … READ MORE

Negro Culture Weekend

1-Baltimore riots - 4-27-15 2

Last weekend some Major League Baseball teams celebrated “Negro League Weekend,” while in Baltimore the fans got a chance to celebrate “Negro Culture Weekend.” Negro League Weekend is the time of year when the powers that run baseball try to … READ MORE

A Copycat League — Except When It Comes to the Patriots

1-New England Patriots offense

by J. B. Cash The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX in exciting fashion, sealing the win with a goal line interception in the final minute. The win marked the fourth Super Bowl victory for the Patriots this century. … READ MORE

The Best Safety in the Country May Not Be Who You Think

Landon Feichter of Purdue
Landon Feichter of Purdue

by Jimmy Chitwood Who is the best safety in college football? If you go by the numbers, the names at the top of the list may surprise you. The Jim Thorpe Award, which allegedly goes to the best defensive back … READ MORE

Richard Kilty Wants to Be First White Brit to Go Under 10 Seconds in the 100 Meters

Richard Kilty
Richard Kilty

Richard Kilty, the ‘Teesside Tornado’, has vowed to be the first white British athlete to beat the 10 second barrier in the 100m. After winning the world indoor 60 metres title in Poland he roared ‘bring on Usain Bolt’ and … READ MORE

Comparing Apples to Apples

Alex Grace
Alex Grace

by Jimmy Chitwood. Even when they’re bigger, faster, and better, White kids still get screwed. Collegiate recruiting, we are told, is simply a matter of finding the best possible athletes. Bigger is better than small, faster is better than slow, … READ MORE