Yale Dean June Chu gets chewed out.

Discussion in 'Media Racism and Stereotyping' started by Shadowlight, May 19, 2017.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    This story is all over the local news where I live and is one of those stories where the bad news outweighs the good but the silver lining is important. Let me make it clear I am a staunch believer in the first amendment and I am not selective about it either. So the fact that this Dean at Yale June Chu posted some "offensive" comments on yelp does not bother me in the least. What does bother me is Berkley blocking Ann Coulter's right to free expression. In fact I get royally annoyed when businesses like ESPN use employee twitter material as grounds for discipline or firing. The poster child for that is Curt Schilling. The internet lends itself to stream of thought musings and this idea that everyone is thinking pure angelic thoughts every minute of the day is beyond a joke. Or in the case of ESPN they just happened to politically disagree with Schilling's postings and as an excuse to get rid of him deemed his ideas "offensive."
    It is a tad ironic she runs the "social psychology" department but in this so called push for tolerance with diversity her main offense was targeting "white trash." Which tells me there is a growing awareness and sensitivity towards white people. There is a tendency for the media to portray white people as not human so despite my objections to Yale placing her on leave it is still worth noting that there is finally a growing understanding that white people are human beings too. This growing awareness will play an important role in fighting caste in sports.

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