What do you guys do for fun?

Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by BoxingSpecialist2, Nov 29, 2015.

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    Just wanted to know what the guys on this site do for fun and how do you enjoy yourselves? What makes you happy in life?

    Myself, I just turned 27 and have been working and living in Alberta for over a year now. I've done good financially and managed to save up a good amount of money.

    I've posted on this site before that I was in the process of buying a convertible (Mazda Miata). I haven't bought it yet because I am budgeting myself but I will be ready to in say 3 months. I'm not planning on loaning the car. I will be able to buy the car outright with 20,000$ or so down.

    Ive always wanted a convertible and just want it to drive through the Rocky Mountains in the summer. Blast my music and to me that would be very fun.

    I am single and sometimes pay for sex or pay to produce porn. This is a hobby I will perhaps do more once I sort everything out with the car. I'm not sure if I'm interested in dating or having a wife. Maybe in the future but certainly not any time soon.

    I will inherit some land and properties, so I don't think it makes any sense for me to save up to buy a house. Why do that when it's already coming to me? I have friends married and paying off a mortgage and the stress is unreal almost like they are a slave.

    I have very little stress in my life and I want to keep it that way. Money I make goes to me and what I want.

    I also enjoy taking care of my body (working out, living a clean lifestyle) and dressing well.

    What do you guys think about this? How do you enjoy yourselves and what do you do in life when you've got everything you already want?
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    I have to say that I'm disappointed not to see a reply to this pap by DixieDestroyer. Here BS2 sets up a hanging curveball and there is no swing! :icon_surprised:
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    I'd thought about knocking it outta the park, but decided to stay in the dugout...& let BS Specialist stay in the closet. ;-)
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    Sounds good! :thumbup:

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