Top 25 Cable Shows in Black Households

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    Thanks for the input Panther and welcome to the site. Hope you post much more often. Also, I did not post for several months over the summer. During that time span, Jack Lambert T added some excellent input, particularly in regards to West Virginia sports. Hopefully he finds his way back to CF at some point, soon.

    This is kind of a dated survey (2014), but it's the best I could find, as racial breakdowns of TV sports ratings are hard to find. Looks like whites watch far less NBA than any other ethnicity (Black, White, Hispanic & Asian). Actually the numbers are startling. I figured whites were much more indifferent to the NBA than blacks, but didn't think the difference would be that stark! White sports fans only averaged watching 290 minutes of NBA for the entire 2013/14 season. Blacks almost tripled that amount. Pretty much explains why TNT only has black commentators, as whites are not watching anyway. My guess is whites indifference to the NBA has only grown since 2014.

    Also, very disappointed in Asians for being so gung-ho regarding the NBA. Back in 2013/14 season they almost watched as much NBA as blacks (730 minutes). Why? Perhaps it was due to "Lin-Sanity", the 5 minutes of NBA fame for Jeremy Lin? So to watch one Chinese player, they followed a basically an all black league? Hopefully they've come to their senses since 2014 and stopped following in greater numbers.

    Here and now, the Marxist media is bemoaning the fact that NBA ratings are tanking, even with the Lakers rising to prominence again. Here are dozens of links, regarding the NBA's current ratings slide.

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