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    In a age where most black WRs try to take all the credit for their success and only bring up the QB if they are not doing well Steve Smith surprised me.During a interview he actually said that sCam was only the 3rd best QB he had played with.

    Link =

    Although i'm sure he has played with more than 2 QBs better than sCam it still came as a big surprise to hear him say that.It was a even bigger surprise to hear him not only talk good about Jake Delhomme and Vinny Testaverde but also threw Ricky Proehl's name out there and wasn't badmouthing him.WOW

    I've never cared much for Smith with his fighting team mates and running his mouth all the time but it is nice to see that he is at least fair to a extent in accessing talent.Wonder if sCam is gonna throw his way a little less for "the slight".sCam seems like the type that might not take this well and will probably slaughter Smith to the media if he has a drop or two after this interview.
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    Smith "lit into" Newton

    Another positive "what the hell" moment for Steve Smith:

    Smith says he was upset when Newton remained sitting on the bench instead of watching backup Derek Anderson and trying to learn from his own mistakes.

    Seems that Newton is another pamper, temperamental quotaback in the Vince Young mold. I'm sure he doesn't enjoy losing "his" rightful starting spot, even in a blowout, to a White guy.

    Smith says he called Newton out so he could "understand this is more than about playing football, it's about becoming a man and understanding this is what it's about."

    Smith gets kudos points in my book.

    This whole incident reminds me of what Tom Iron always says. Blacks can't handle the slightest bit of adversity. When the going gets tough, they quit.

    Edit to add: Read the comments under the article. Seem alot of the DWFs are turning on Cam already. Either that or the cbs posters are smarter than the espn ones.
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