Reasons Why The NFL Is Fixed For Profit

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Ambrose, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Virtually every financial market is rigged these days. Paul Craig Roberts and others write about this quite often and how it wouldn't have been possible until recent years because Washington only became utterly corrupt in recent years (as opposed to mostly corrupt).

    "Official" government statistics are almost always lies. "Reality TV" is scripted, the "news" is a combination of mindless fluff and propaganda. The American system is one big lie designed to benefit the banks which are "too big to fail," the large corporations which are "too big to fail," and sports-"entertainment" entities like the NFL and NBA that are "too important to fail" because they promote "multiracialism" and cultural communism.

    So it would hardly be a surprise if the NFL, which classifies itself legally as "entertainment" rather than sport, isn't fixed to a degree. It would be more surprising if it isn't compromised to some extent, because virtually everything in this fallen society is tainted by the evil in charge whose agenda is to bring everyone down to the lowest common level of animalistic conduct and values.

    My disagreement is with those that claim that games in which White players don't do well must be fixed, but they never make the same claim when White players do well and black players poorly. There's never been a pattern based on race established, only selective griping. If games are rigged it is for financial gain and/or to enhance interest in the league and its "entertainment."
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    As I've written many times, it would be too risky for the NFL and sponsors to fix games. It would cost an enormous amount to pay players to go along with a fix. It's cheaper to have the games play out on their own.

    And again, what if a (black) player was unhappy with his cut or claimed "they had us lose because we have more black players?" The MSM and DWFs would love a story like this.
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    Is that an order?

    I got as far as the date of the dissertation, er, article. March 2, 2012. Is this article relevant to conditions in January 2014?

    Edit: I read it (not verbatim) and if I think about it will reread it in the future. Very interesting, especially when Indy fans went into "S*ck for Luck" mode in the 2nd half of the '11 season. Excuse my snark.

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    I don't think it's a "hard" fix, as in 32 owners sitting down in a room with the Elders of Zion to plan out who will win every game.

    I do think there's a certain amount of "soft" fixing going on, mainly through reffing, to increase the chances that the teams they want to win will win, to make the playoffs exciting and advance the storylines they want.

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