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Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by Alpha Male, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Positive Actions:
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    I want this thread to be an extension of our positive messages where we can write, and thereby manifest our thoughts into actions. Board members can list goals or actions to further the cause. I know everyone is busy (I just relocated across the country), but in addition to posting at least once a week on this forum, I pledge two hours a week to link Castefootball.us to appropriate websites or online mediums: sports forums, Eastsideboxing, YouTube, Facebook, etc; to pass out Castefootball cards at opportune times; and to introduce this website by mail (any suggestions as to which articles would be appreciated) to my high school football coach His coaching days are over, but he played briefly in the NFL and his son was a very successful guard for eight seasons in the NFL. His son is now a strength and conditioning coach for an NFL team. My coach was old school, tough as nails, and expressed some racial consciousness when we played all black teams. It would be advantageous if we had people on the inside sympathetic to our cause. Edited by: Alpha Male
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    I think the key for our agenda is spreading the word of CF to various folks (word of mouth), via other blogs, etc. Present the facts in a concise way & don't be swayed by the standard DWF drivel! Spread the word![​IMG]
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    Short Term Goal: Set up a live link to this site's main page on my personal outgoing email

    Mid-Range Goals: Get some Caste-Football business cards/Formulate an ambitious distribution strategy
    -Perhaps take out a full page ad in a City Paper type rag (contingent upon administrative support and cost efficiency)

    Longer-Range Goal: Segue to more "aggressive" action...bring forth a legitimate and air tight law suit directed at a particularly vitriolic Center for Advanced Social Marxism (i.e. US college or university). Much of what is passing as scholarship is patently false, racist, humiliating, degrading, and serves no purpose other than to shame White men. There must be legal protection from this kind of defamation and harassment. I believe that some of the more audacious colleges are crossing the line and infringing upon basic civil liberties on a daily basis.

    Long-Range Goal: Reshape society in such a way that befits the dignity of the White man. Edited by: Latspread

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