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Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by PhillyBirds, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Thanks for clearing that up man. There's a lot of college sites saying philosophy was his major.
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    It doesn't look good for Matt Leinart if he can't beat out Dan Orlovsky. Ouch!!

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    Free agent Matt Leinart says that his time on the bench with the Texans last season restored his confidence.
    <div ="impact">
    "Houston helped me get my confidence back, being around
    great coaches and a great team," Leinart said, taking yet another shot
    at the Cardinals. "It has jumpstarted me this offseason. ... I am just
    waiting for the opportunity to go show it." Leinart is begging for a
    chance at a starting job in 2011, but won't get one after being unable
    to unseat Dan Orlovsky as Houston's No. 2 QB last year. The Texans did
    tender him as a restricted free agent.

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