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    Interestingly, teams have resorted to “small ball” in the playoffs. Apparently, the Rays didn’t attempt a sacrifice bunt the entire regular season, but did in the playoffs. Also, the defensive shifts are less dramatic in the postseason, because players are more willing to hit the opposite way. In the playoffs, you play to win.
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    Brett Butler - talk about a blast from the past! I remember being a big fan of his as a 9/10 year old back in the early 90s when he was on the Dodgers - speedy white center fielder. Back when baseball was still king pre 1994 strike. As a sport baseball was my first love and the sport me and my brothers played growing up and watching. My grandfather used to listen to Phillies games on his porch and I can recall listening to the games with him when visiting over the summers.

    Not trying to be a romantic of wax poetic about the sport but as I get older I feel that the 90s were the end of the "American Dream". There was a good run from the post-war period through the 90s - the "Greatest Generation" were on their way out and power had been slowly changing hands over to the Baby Boomers who really accelerated the downturn of America. Not saying it was all their fault because their is plenty of blame to go around but they really were the beneficiaries of a great thing and slowly swindled it mostly through subversion which took root in the 50s/60s.

    Back to baseball: Small ball and baseball strategy really changed post the 94 strike which did a lot of harm to the sport. The Sosa/McGwire HR chase and the blind eye to both of them using PEDs (along with Bonds and many others) was all part of the MLB selling it's soul in the late 90s/early 2000s to try and regain it's place as America's favorite sport. Much like the NFL has done over the past 15 years the MLB has constantly tweaked the rules to try to make the game more "entertaining". Juiced balls, smaller ball parks, making the focus on the "experience" rather than the game itself, the selective (and lackadaisical) enforcement of PEDs and the adoption of social justice themes (a more current trend). The MLB decided to fix something that was not broken, something that worked for almost a century to it's now diluted state (same could be said for the NFL over the past 15-20 years who have really harmed the game and changed what the sport was due to rule changes. Innovations in offensive/defensive schemes have always been present but the manipulation of the rules to give one side of the ball a bigger advantage has swayed heavily towards the offense in the league's recent history). The parallels between both the NFL and MLB in terms of engineering and manipulating a pure game into something to fit an agenda are both evident for anyone who wants to take a look.
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    Great post. I feel the same way.

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