FIFA officials arrestedu, to be extradited to USA

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by Phall, May 27, 2015.

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    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Matra2 [​IMG]
    When FIFA were testing their voting machines to see if they worked they asked the delegates to answer [COLOR=#009900 !important]who won
    last year's World Cup? 5% of the delegates got it wrong.:lol:


    Jack Warner, a former vice president of world soccer’s governing body, FIFA, defended himself against corruption charges on Sunday by citing an article from The Onion, apparently unaware that it was satire. Mr. Warner, 72, who was arrested last week in connection with a wide-ranging criminal investigation by the [COLOR=#009900 !important]United States[/COLOR] Justice Department, held up the faux news report, calling it evidence of an American conspiracy, in a video [COLOR=#009900 !important]statement[/COLOR] that was uploaded to the web and then removed later in the day.

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    Phall - Jack Warner has provided entertainment for many years now!

    Israel's vote for Blatter doesn't look so good now that he's gone. Maybe the next crooks who run FIFA will remember Israel's loyalty. Even former Blatter loyalists in South America, most notably Argentina, voted against him.

    The Third Worldisation of football has annoyed me since around Italia 1990. I'd like UEFA to split from Africanised Asianised FIFA and start up a separate governing body that reflects Europe's importance within the sport. How ridiculous that American Samoa and tiny Caribbean (Bermuda!) and African nonentities can have an equal vote with Germany and Italy. If this were to happen then they should cut the number of World Cup qualifying teams from Africa and Asia in half and add more European and South American countries.:nod:

    Actually, if I had it my way I'd toss out the World Cup and have a biannual all UEFA and CONMEBOL (South America) plus 2 from CONCACAF (North America, Caribbean) tournament with only the champions of Africa and Asia invited. But that's dreaming in HD.

    I'd also like to see a full investigation into some 2002 World Cup matches involving South Korea


    East Asians are the world champions in cheating. No one even comes close.
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    I don't know why RT would report that. They probably have some agenda I'm not aware of . Either way I'm glad the Arabs in France learned the harsh truth about their beloved superstar soccer players
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    I don’t mind Sep Blatter, as he does not seem to be the PC type (at least when compared to his FIFA colleagues) and has some good ideas when it comes to preserving the integrity of international football – I like how the requirement regarding a minimum of 5 years spent on the territory of the relevant national association for footballers lacking ethnic or birth connections to a country before becoming eligible for its national team provides an adequate solution to the worst excesses of nationality transfers in football.

    At least practices such as the ones mentioned in this article did not put a stain on the reputation of the beautiful game:

    However, it is of course mainly Eastern European and Asian teams that benefit as a result of this restrictiveness rather than the traditional powerhouses like Germany and England.

    He also tried to implement a 6+5 rule when it came to club football, but predictably found himself at odds with the employment laws of the European Union.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Russia’s foreign policy course, though I don’t believe that a country deserves to lose its hosting rights to a World Cup tournament (unless it engages in barbaric actions such as genocide), so Blatter has at least been consistent in trying to keep the realms of politics and sport separated.

    Still, I am in agreement that there is plenty of evidence regarding Blatter’s indirect involvement in various corruption schemes and on occasions he unfairly singled out England for criticism, blaming them for most of the ills of modern football…I am not sure whether Diego Maradona and Louis Figo (some of the names mentioned as potential successors of Blatter) would be better in advancing the football interests of predominantly white nations, hopefully one of them will prove me wrong.


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