Examples of Majority White Teams Winning State Championships

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    It depends if there is a legitimate DI talent on the roster. If he is big he can play two ways and can be a disrupting force. If he is fast he can play two ways and be impossible to cover and be a high school shutdown corner.

    But most of the players aren't this level of athlete so coaching would supersede talent.
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    Pine-Richland High School's football team, from suburban Pittsburgh, won the 5A state championship in 2020 for the second time in recent years. Pennsylvania's high school football classifications go from 1A to 6A, with 6A schools having the largest number of students, so you can see that Pine-Richland is a large school district. The Rams smashed Cathedral Prep 48-7 in the state championship game. High school football in Pennsylvania is as popular as anywhere in the country outside of the Deep South, Florida and Texas. The team is entirely White except for two Blacks.

    The team is coached by Eric Kasperowicz, who was a prominent high school QB and LB and went on to play at the University of Pittsburgh as a safety and linebacker and had some NFL tryouts but never got a chance to play as a pro. Pine-Richland is 85-18 since Kasperowicz became coach.

    A local free paper had an article I noticed titled "4 from P-R Football Team Accept Walk-on Offers." P-R is short for Pine-Richland. The four walk-ons joined three players who did get offers, but hardly to college powerhouses -- Charlotte, Kent State and Liberty. The kid who got the offer from Charlotte is one of the two black kids on the team.

    The four walk-ons were two wide receivers, a running back, and a cornerback. One of the WRs, Eli Jochem, broke Neil Walker's school records for career catches, receiving yards, and his single season TD record with 18. Neil Walker is the long-time MLB second baseman who played his first six seasons with the hometown Pirates.

    Jochem is walking on at Indiana, and the comments from his teammate in the article is telling: "The sentiment from Jochem's teammates is that he's vastly underrated and will prove that he will shine at a Power 5 school. 'I don't know how he slipped through the cracks,' said [Charlie] Mill the other WR walk-on. 'Seeing his success is so awesome. We worked out every day during the summer. I see him vertical jumping 60 inches'."

    So here you have a football powerhouse in a prominent state for high school football, and its stars, especially at the verboten skill positions, are completely ignored by recruiters or forced to go to programs where they will get close to zero chance to move on to the NFL even if they excel.

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    The kind of post that illustrates it all!
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    "Slipped through the cracks" is a catch-all expression. Jordy Nelson was a walk-on at Kansas State after excelling in high school. Nelson per Wiki, aside from starring in high school football, won the Kansas High School track championships in the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 400 meter. If that wasn't enough, the long jump. Still, Jordy Nelson "slipped through the cracks" of college football recruiting.

    The "slipped through the cracks" expression often turns up with the (usually black) perp of a horrific murder who received years of soft sentences for violent crimes.
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    You can add all-state basketball player for Jordy too. There’s absolutely no way he should’ve been ignored.

    Pine-Richland to me sounds like a lot of the suburban Dallas schools where all the kids have to walk on in college despite winning state championships (highland park).
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    A big reason I despise Pitt and Penn St these days.....

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