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Discussion in 'NFL' started by aussieaussie31, Apr 19, 2008.

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    I was speaking long distance to my old man today. My father lives in the Midwest and he is also a avid reader of this site. (Not a poster though) Anyway, he mentioned to me that he read something in the newspaper the other day in relation to a white player going public and criticizing ghetto behavior in the NFL. My father said from what he read the rant came very close to being explicit. Unfortunately, he cannot remember where he read it. He is certain that he seen it however. I'm lucky if I catch two or three NFL games all year on television. However I was just wondering who the player was, and who he plays for. Any info from the the fine men who post on this site would be appreciated.
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    I'm guessing you are talking about Jay Cutler's comments about Brendan Marshall.
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    He`s right on the money til he backtracks a little by calling Marshall "a great kid" and some other B.S.

    If you`re in your 20s, you`re not a kid. You`re supposed to be man and should act accordingly. And when you screw up, as so many black athletes seem to do, you should be held accountable.

    The NFL commish has tried to hold them responsible in recent years. Now, unfortunately, idiots like Jerry Jones will say it`s not important when he wants to win and give Pac Man Jones another shot, but this is a story for later this year.

    Hopefully more white athletes will start speaking their opinions truthfully about knucklehead blacks. Let`s call it The Joe Calzaghe Effect.

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