Chip Kelly vs. Jim Harbaugh: two case studies.

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    Here are two different cases of coaches that jumped from the college ranks to the NFL.

    1. Chip Kelly FBS, Oregon: He had a black dominated team, but always had some white players who were key cogs to the Ducks success ie. Casey Matthews, Jeff Maehl etc. Usually had one white WR in the rotation per year. The Ducks easily could have beaten the Auburn Tigers as the game came down to the final drive as them and Texas (if McCoy doesn't miss the 2nd half) could have both shortened the SEC streak.

    Chip Kelly NFL, Philadelphia: He has stayed true to his colors and not compromised what he believes is a successful formula for success. His team in Philadelphia is being built similar to the Oregon Ducks. In other words slightly blacker than average for the NCAA, but pretty "white friendly" for the NFL. He seems to be a decent guy with class who cares about his players. He has brought in former players and given them some opportunity. He traded for 3 cone record holder, WR Jeff Maehl, who had a great National title game. He showed class by giving Dennis Dixon a chance to showcase his abilities in the pre-season and he probably makes the practice squad if they didn't have 3 QBs who are all good enough to start. Patrick Chung is now with the Eagles. Kelly is somewhat of a black supremacist and doesn't seem interested in ever giving a talented, productive white RB who stands out on film a chance, but has stayed true to his beliefs however stereotypical. For this he strikes me as a classy, decent man although misguided.

    2. Jim Harbaugh FBS, Stanford: He built the program into a title contender with a very white roster, at this academic school, and also recruited smart classy black players who cared about their team and didn't play the race card. He cost Gerhart the Heisman and a chance to play in a BCS bowl with two mistakes. Luck, in his first year as a starter, no way should have thrown 4 times in a row from the 7 yard line in that game on the final drive without giving the most dominant tailback in the FBS a chance to beast it into the endzone. His other completely foolish move was not taking the ball at the 40 when it was kicked out of bounds to start a final drive with some time left. They re-kick and start at the 26 or 27. The possible game winning drive dies out again at about the 7 in another heartbreaking loss where Gerhart would have probably had another TD. IMHO he was already an overrated coach when he left Stanford.

    Jim Harbaugh NFL, San Francisco: He has completely done a 180 and showed a lack of any sort of spine or conviction and done 100% opposite in the NFL building his team. Yes, the GM and owner do have a huge say, but Harbaugh has done nothing to advocate for talented white players. He shows no heart for his former players (even Greg $hitano has shown more with the Bucs). They cut his former TE Coby Fleener. They could trade for Gerhart to split time with Gore who is getting old. Gerhart to me is a richer version of Anthony Dixon who has been very successful and could easily start for a number of teams. Gerhart is more comparable to Marshawn Lynch, or a slightly slower in prime Steven Jackson. Jimbo gets enraged on the sidelines, is classless and didn't seem to feel a bit happy for his brother as he went on and whined about the final lack of call in the Superbowl for weeks. He very questionably yanked a white QB who was completing over 70% of his passes and was top 3 in QB rating and has very good mobility although not as good as Kaepernick and Kaepernick showed his lack of experience by starting very slow in the Superbowl. The 49ers may have beaten the Patriots (possibly due to much better defense although worse offense) in the Superbowl the previous year if they beat the Giants. They beat the Giants, if not for Kyle Williams' fumble. Austin Collie was cut this year and Harbaugh has not one bit of class and is a lier. He had no timeouts and lied to the stupid replacement refs (yes, they also screwed Woodhead out of his 30 yard game winning TD on a VERY TOUCHY hold that happens on almost any play) to get illegal challenges giving his former player Gerhart two fictional fumbles, and Gerhart's playing time rapidly declined afterward. On one of the fumbles the play was blown dead due to forward progress and Gerhart actually placed the ball on the ground with one hand, but the refs couldn't hear the sound under the hood.

    So I nominate Chip Kelly as Castefootball coach of the year (although he's not as white friendly as Bellichek or Gary Kubiak), for being a decent man in the company prostitute NFL. I nominate Jim Harbaugh as a Castefootball's "Classless Two faced, company Prostitute" who will do anything to get ahead in the Marxist NFL.
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    Rumors persist that Harbaugh won't be back next year as head coach of the 49ers.

    The reason being given is the players don't like him.
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    I hope he leaves. As much as I have grown to despise him during his NFL stint he is a good coach. If he leaves Toucan sam will get worse.
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    I'm glad you bumped this thread as the post by TJR was worth re-reading.

    I hope TJR returns from his latest hiatus and posts again. His analysis and breakdowns are top notch.

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