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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Deceptive Speed, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Deceptive Speed

    Deceptive Speed Mentor

    Jul 19, 2014
    Never too early to get started on the next draft! This years draft was unique in the amount of white wing players being taken early, hoping that will start a trend..

    I've been looking over some 2019 mock drafts and I can say it looks petty bleak, with only a couple whites sprinkled in.
    On the bright side its still very early and i'm sure they'll be a few whites have huge seasons and shoot up draft boards by seasons end!
    So as of right now here's out top prospects for 2019:

    1. PF Killian Tillie 6'10 215 Gonzaga
    Lottery pick

    . SF Luka Simanic 6'10 210 Croatia
    Lottery pick

    3. SG Tyler Herro 6'5 200 Kentucky (possible one-and-done player, we'll see)
    Lottery-mid 1st rd

    4. PF/C Ethan Happ 6'10 235 Wisconsin
    Mid 1st rd

    5. C Goga Bitadze 7'0 250 Rep. of Georgia
    Mid-late 1st rd

    6. SG Max Strus 6'6 215 DePaul (never heard of him until now)
    Late 1st-early 2nd rd

    7. PF Borisa Simanic 6'11 210 Serbia
    Early 2nd

    8. C/PF Marko Simonovic 7'0 220 Montenegro Early-mid 2nd

    9. PF Luke Maye 6'8 240 North Carolina
    Mid 2nd

    10. SG/PG Kyle Guy 6'2 185 Virginia
    Mid 2nd

    PG Jon Elmore 6'3 190 Marshall
    Mid-late 2nd

    12. C
    Laurynas Birutis 7'1 225 Lithuania
    Mid-late 2nd

    13. PG Arturs Zagars 6'3 180 Latvia
    Late 2nd

    14. SF/SG Tres Tinkle 6'8 220 Oregon St.
    Late 2nd-UDFA

    15. PF Mike Daum 6'9 250 South Dakota St. Late 2nd-UDFA
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  2. Freethinker

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Brooklyn, New York
    Nice list!
  3. Deceptive Speed

    Deceptive Speed Mentor

    Jul 19, 2014
    With March Madness in full spring and so many new prospects to appear from nowhere, its about time to update the big-board for 2019. So here's the top white prospects as of right now (in order):

    1. C Goga Bitadze 7'0 250 (20 yrs) Rep of GEORGIA - Top 10 pick

    2. SG Tyler Herro 6'5 195 (Fr) KENTUCKY - Lottery pick

    3. PG Ty Jerome 6'5 200 (Jr) VIRGINIA - Lottery pick

    4. SF/PF Ignas Brazdeikas 6'7 223 (Fr) MICHIGAN- Lottery-Mid 1st rd

    5. SG/SF Dylan Windler 6'8 205 (Sr) BELMONT - Mid 1st rd

    6. SF Deividas Sirvydis 6'9 193 (18 yrs) LITHUANIA- Mid-Late 1st rd

    7. PF Luka Samanic 6'11 210 (19 yrs) SLOVENIA- Late 1st rd

    8. SF Yovel Zoosman 6'6 200 (21 yrs) ISRAEL - Late 1st-Early 2nd rd

    9. PF Dean Wade 6'10 230 (Sr) KANSAS St- Early 2nd rd

    10. SG John Konchar 6'6 215 (Sr) PURDUE Ft.WAYNE - Early 2nd rd

    11. CG/PG Kyle Guy 6'2 180 (Jr) VIRGINIA- Early-Mid 2nd rd

    12. C/PF Ethan Happ 6'10 235 (Sr) WISCONSIN- Mid 2nd rd

    13. SF Henri Drell 6'9 195 (18 yrs) ESTONIA- Mid 2nd rd

    14. C Alen Smailagic 6'10 215 (18 yrs) SERBIA- Mid-Late 2nd rd (plays in the NBA g league)

    15. SG Fletcher Magee 6'4 200 (Sr) WOFFORD- Mid-Late 2nd rd

    16. SF Daulton Hommes 6'8 215 (Jr) D-11 POINT LOMA Late 2nd rd (D2 player of the year and will test at the 2019 NBA combine)

    17. PG Payton Pritchard 6'2 195 (Jr) OREGON- Late 2nd rd

    18. SF Vanja Marinkovic 6'7 195 SERBIA- Late 2nd-UDFA (Draft and stash)

    19. PG/CG Matt Mooney 6'3 210 (Sr) TEXAS TECH- Late 2nd-UDFA

    21. C Borisa Simanic 7'0 215 SERBIA- Late 2nd-UDFA (draft and stash)

    22. PG Makai Mason 6'1 190 (Sr) BAYLOR- UDFA-Camp Invite

    23. SF Tres Tinkle 6'8 220 (Sr) OREGON St- UDFA-Camp Invite

    24. PF Mike Daum 6'9 245 (Sr) NORTH DAKOTA St- UDFA-Camp Invite

    25. PG Jon Elmore 6'3 190 (Sr) MARSHALL- UDFA-Camp Invite
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  4. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Nice job, Deceptive Speed.

    I sincerely hope you are correct, but several mock drafts I looked at paint a much bleaker picture for white prospects. The top independent DWF site (NBADraft.net) has only two whites going in round 1 (Bitadze #21 & Ty Jerome #28). Only 4 or 5 whites in round 2?

    One mock draft from CBS Sports' supposed "top draft expert" currently has only one white being selected in round one, but lasting all the way to 30th overall. That's the final pick of the round!

    This Lonsman over at Bleacher Report has gone "full KKK" (white friendly compared to others) with 3 whites selected, but not until the very end of round one: https://bleacherreport.com/articles...t-predictions-post-2019-trade-deadline#slide0

    I could post more info or links, but the point is pretty clear -- mock drafts so far have been absolutely brutal towards whites.

    P.S: Hope Ty Herro stays in school at least one more year. Last thing we need is another Donte DiVicenzo or T.J. Leaf scenario were they foolishly leave early, then get rewarded being first round picks....only to quickly discover they're at the far end of the bench.
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  5. Riggins44

    Riggins44 Master

    Oct 6, 2007
    What about Dylan Windler? Seems like he will likely get drafted.
  6. whiteathlete33

    whiteathlete33 Hall of Famer

    Mar 18, 2007
    New Jersey
    This guy Mike Daum is a beast. Since he plays for South Dakota he might not get drafted.
  7. Shadowlight

    Shadowlight Master

    Mar 16, 2013
    As noted in another thread Iggy from Michigan has declared. Murky on the "new" rules but I think Iggy has hired an agent and can't opt out but I am not positive. Tyler Herro is testing the waters but can return to school which I think would be the best thing for him. He is not ready for the NBA just yet. Iggy is fairly maxed out physically but I think one more year at Michigan would have been smarter. He is not listed on any first round mocks.

    Kyle Guy has yet to announce but again Guy would be better off playing his senior year in college. He would be a second round pick at best and with one more season to prove himself he might be able to slip into the first round in 2020. Plus he would be a focal point of Virginia, a high profile program always on TV. Otherwise he would disappear into the wild blue yonder known as an NBA bench or worse yet that out of sight out of mind dreaded development league.

    His teammate PG Ty Jerome has declared. By now most should no I am most always against white athletes ( Jerome has a small black mixture) declaring too early but in Jerome's case I see the point. Not a run jump athlete and he is already top level in terms of court awareness, skills and basketball smarts I don't see how much more he could grow in a college setting. Since he is getting late first round buzz in this case I think it is the right move.

    Each case is different and I have never made it a strict rule.

    I watch college basketball so I suffer if a white player disappears off the grid. If Tyler Herro and Kyle Guy declare for the NBA it sucks for me and members like Jack Lambert because they are star college attractions we get to enjoy on a national platform. Millions of fans are watching white college players who are stars. I know some here at CF don't mind it if white stars leave early but how many of those who are cool with early NBA entry actually watch college basketball? If I didn't watch college basketball it wouldn't bother me as much. But I do and that's why it bothers me when they leave early. Too early in most cases.

    If a white star is ready by all means sign up but in my mind most are not. And rotting on an NBA bench unseen and unheard doesn't so the anti caste movement much good either. To fight caste white athletes have to be seen performing and succeeding on big media platforms and college basketball , especially the big schools, provides just that.

    There is an argument to be made that early entry helps a player's skill development. For me I don't see enough ample proof for that. Look at Tyler Lydon of Denver. He has been lost in the twilight for two years now. Would one more year at Syracuse curtailed his NBA development? I have a hard time believing it. There are a lot of other recent examples.

    I am not against declaring early. Donte D, Kevin Huerter and Lauri Markkanen I agree should have declared early. But despite the Huerter playing time and the growth of LM in his second season, I would have preferred they waited one more year to declare. Old fashioned me I guess.
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  8. Bucky

    Bucky Mentor

    Jul 20, 2018
    Shadowlight I agree every case is different! I think in general most players(black or white) that declare early are not ready for the NBA!
  9. booth

    booth Guru

    Jul 23, 2015
    Shadowlight, Kyle Guy announce for the draft. How ever he has not hired an agent, so I think he can go back to school if he changes his mind.
  10. Shadowlight

    Shadowlight Master

    Mar 16, 2013
    I am glad like Tyler Herro that Guy is "testing the waters" and not taking a full dive.

    Logic dictates Guy should come back to school to elevate his draft stock. Hell ESPN doesn't even have him in the top 100 so what is the use of giving up your senior year. For what? To not get drafted? His HC Tony Bennett is mentoring and monitoring Kyle and I think he will see the light and will return as the outright leader of Virginia this coming season.

    If he wants to participate in some pre NBA draft stuff that is fine but at the end of the day, especially for Guy, returning to school offers him the best chance of ever playing in the NBA.
  11. Shadowlight

    Shadowlight Master

    Mar 16, 2013
    Tyler Herro just gave up any chance of returning to KY. That move ( a bad one in my estimation) just made the college basketball season 20% less interesting. KY is bringing in a white transfer but I doubt he has any NBA potential.

    Herro is projected to go mid late to late first round. I expect a Nik Stauskus type of career at least in the early part which is not encouraging. Has talent don't get me wrong. But he won't be front and center media wise which he would have been if he returned to KY.

    Young people today black and white think that twitter hits verify they are the real deal masking the fact that they need more time to mature. Quick fix society. I am so damn old fashioned I went out of fashion before the last time something went out of fashion.

    This draft will be listless and aggravating. Foreign big man Goga Bitadze looks to go in the first round but very little to get excited about unlike the last draft.

    I like Dylan Windler from Belmont. He is getting some deserved first round attention.

    Warning. This will be one of those black god worshipping type of drafts with breathless commentary throughout. They will be framed as athletic gods the likes we have never seen before. Able to jump in a single bound to the moon. It will be tough to sift through. It will make me physically ill.

    The black athlete. The new deity. The new gods that people are supposed to worship every minute of the day.
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  12. white is right

    white is right Hall of Famer

    Feb 16, 2006
    It will be the Zion Williamson draft, but if you watch the tournament a VERY limited big man Taco Fall limited his ability to be a superman around the basketball and had two rather easy stuffs, where Williamson basically telegraphed he was going for the power dunk.

    The NBA's marketing machine is going to be pumping out propaganda non stop in the draft countdown but a discerning eye can see through the hype.

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