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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by C Darwin, Oct 12, 2009.

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    i've been posting there for a few years now and have worked to eliminate the 'no racism' policy on this MB. I've been suspended three times at 1 week a pop for 'being racist', but in this process i think i've loosened up these social marxist 'rules' greatly so that WN ideas are permitted to be heard on this MB. the site owner, although being a complete DWF, is quite open minded regarding WN.

    the 'politics, religion and sex' forum is always lively, it does have a 'no racism' policy that is in no way enforced and has some very intelligent, well educated but misguided posters.

    the site has over 14,000 members from all over the country with many different team affiliations. non-buffalo trolling is also tolerated by the mods as long as you don't get too out of control.

    so i would like to extend an invitation to all CF posters to join me in spreading our message of cultural preservation on 'the buffalo range' message board. i'm very proud of the niche that i've carved out for our voice. please come help me make it louder.

    Caste Football... Changing one DWF at a time. [​IMG]

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