Will High School Football be Played in Your State This Year ?

Discussion in 'High School Football' started by booth, May 26, 2020.

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    Jul 23, 2015
    I recently read the guidelines recommended by the N.F.H.S. for opening schools up for football practice. The state of N.C. is a member of the N.F.H.S. but is not bound to the guidelines set forth. The N.F.H.S. guidelines are very strict and would be too costly for most schools to follow. It limits number of players participating, what kind of equipment can be used, no water troughs, water buffaloes, and no kind of water fountains. It also mandates that all equipment be clean and locker rooms are wiped down after every practice. Also, no exchanging of equipment between players and weight rooms have only people who are lifting, no spotters, and area wipe down after each person lifts. These are only suggested guidelines but I see N.C schools trying to follow them. How all of this will be paid for is my question because I know the schools in this area and surrounding counties can not pay for this.
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    Where I live the Premier hasn't even stated if the new school year will start on time, so school sports are way down the list. I live on the border area with NY state and high school sports are in a similar situation. Even some schools in the worst hit areas might not start in September at the university level.
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    Currently watching Arrowhead vs Muskego. Good game so far. Wisconsin commit Hunter Wohler has already had two huge hits in the 1st quarter.
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    None in our area.

    Just another benefit of living in this screwed-up state.

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