Recruiting Websites' Blatant Discrepancies

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    What I'm referring to is the obvious bias against white high school football players deserving of higher ranking in most if not all recruiting Websites. Perhaps this has been already talked about in great length or is commonly understood to the veterans here as a similar yet distinct subset to the NFL caste system as we know it. What are your thoughts?

    To my knowledge, the business of online recruiting websites didn't take off until 2002 or so but has seen a steady increase in popularity (at least up to the past few years). I actually think the problems with the NFL have made their way all the way down to high school football popularity and perhaps even further. But on to the subject of this post.

    So I'm going to link what is called the 247 sports composite ranking of the top ranked high school football players. The reason I'm choosing this one in particular is because it is an average of the main 4+ recruiting sites that generate the most business. As I'm sure most of you are aware, the players that are ranked highly in these lists are often invited to camps, 7 on 7 leagues, all star games, and more; all where they can garner even more attention from the elite college programs.

    The repercussions of this can also be seen in say elite business schools like Harvard and the likes, and how blue chip corporate companies / banks will recruit mainly from these pool of schools. Hence the kids that go to the Harvard's and the Yales are inherently more likely to end up with a stellar job placement after grad school. The analogy being the top kids in these football recruiting websites often get cherry picked from the big time universities which inherently provide the NFL with the most available stock of players to choose from. And the HUGE problem is that these lists are extremely biased in favored of the minorities. Here take a look.

    As you scroll up and down the list of 247 players and even well beyond that, you see a severe unwarranted lack of white players in skill positions. The vast majority
    of the whites are either offensive lineman or quarterbacks. And where I see the discrepancy is when I compare this list to say the list of an NFL draft selections. In the NFL draft, you'll often see white linebackers, defensive ends, tight ends, and even safeties selected with a much fairer representation.

    This isn't even going into the main crux of the caste system if the NFL where you see the elite of the elite players in the NFL of these skill positions represented on rosters by white athletes. I mean, how can you justify having probably probably the best or at least top 3 players in their given positions like Luke Kueckly, JJ Watt, and Harrison Smith to name a few. Yet see little to no depth of white athletes down the roster. I mean just take a look at the recent NFL draft linked below and you'll notice a huge discrepancy in the ratios. So why?

    Why the terrible and unjust representation of white athletes coming out of high school compared to the NFL, mutually exclusive to the known issues with the NFL? Now I'm not even going to get into the intricacies of the caste system we see in the NFL rosters as most here are already very familiar with. What I want to know is why the white athletes are given such a raw deal in these college recruiting star ranking lists, which like I said, give them preferential treatment all the way to the NFL? So what is it?

    I am sure a lot if us here are at least somewhat familiar with the JQ. The Jewish Question that is. The over representation of men and women of Jewish ethnicity in a variety of major industries. I'll link below a good source of the over representation based upon the general Jewish population percentage as compared to the number of Jewish power players in leadership roles of many, many industries. Here is a link for that.

    Now there are various schools of thought as to this, but I want to keep the focus on football and these money making recruiting websites. I personally follow a few and I have noticed that many of the administrators, moderators, and so called talent scouts end up having Jewish last names like Cohen, Newberg, Alderman, Heckman, etc. Look them up, they are all prominent figures and decision makers in these sites and have a disproportionate amount compared to the general Jewish population percentage of the west.

    Again, the reasoning for this could be a number of things, and more about making the all mighty $$$ than say having a nefarious agenda against white gentile athletes. But what do you all think?

    Perhaps it's just pandering to the recent surge of political correctness. Maybe it's just the sheer number of black athletes that play football. Or maybe it's something more sinister. Something similar to what we see in Hollywood and entertainment, in what any objective, clear minded, and resourceful person would see. A purposeful propaganda push of cultural Marxism, anti white Christian heterosexual masculine males, and an agenda driven pro minority push on the masses. That's what I see at least in Hollywood, advertising, and entertainment. Now are we also seeing the same thing in something as pure as high school football?

    And regardless of what it really is, what is the remedy? A rejection of sports ball entirely by the white man? Perhaps a proactive enlightening educational push by the white man onto to the masses to keep then informed of any bias. Or what I'd like to see, is a hostile or even insidious take over of these industries that ends in a fair hand dealt to all. Fair is square.

    So what do you say? Thoughts? Thanks again for reading this.
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    The recruiting services have been with us long before the advent of the internet version. And they are a key component of the Caste System. The vast majority of D1 schools use the services virtually exclusively to scout for "talent". Every year schools are "graded" on their recruiting, with the grades coming from, you guessed it, the recruiting services. If a major school has a "bad" grade there is hell to pay with boosters, alumni, administration, students and fans.

    Also missing in all of this that is rarely even mentioned here on CF is where all of those overlooked players go. Many go to one of the 249 (yes 249) NAIA schools. If you've never been to an NAIA game, especially one between a couple of their powerhouse schools like Benedictine, KS and St. Francis, IN you are missing out. Some of these players are every bit as good as the crap fed to us by NCAA schools. Yet when was the last time any NAIA player, black or white, was on the NFL draft boards?
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    Nice post. The recruiting services are vulnerable to a class action lawsuit, but as I've posted a number of times over the years, none is likely to be filed for various reasons (millions in legal fees for a battle that would drag on for years, all publicity would be extremely hostile to plaintiffs with "doxxing" and other tactics likely, etc.).

    As for the "why" of the discrimination, it's part and parcel of The Great Replacement, the diminishment, marginalization and outright replacement of White Americans with non-White ones. The same process in various forms is taking place in all formerly White countries. Unfortunately the White masses have been so successfully indoctrinated to accept the Big Lie of black athletic superiority that there is little to no awareness of the Caste System, much less resistance to it.
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