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Discussion in 'High School Football' started by kevin, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    Tim Tebow-is 6-3 225 and is entering his senior yeaar. He is ranked number 25 by his position is a quarterback but he is a duel threat he can run a 4.5 forty and is said to be very quick. He is the best duel treat qbfor the recruits. He could possible bea wide-reciever too.

    Jake Locker- He is 6-3 210 has a smaller frame then tebow, But is a little bit faster. He lookslike he could be another vince young. but being white they like probable try to make the comparisonto steve young. He runs about a 4.4 and is very tough to tackle.

    I think both these two can become two more matt jones.

    Riley Cooper- is listed as an athlete he runs a true 4.4 forty and could possible be a defensive back. I don't know alot about the kid but he has excelled at just about every position. I hope he does well in college. He reminds meof Jake christenson of Iowa.
  2. Colonel_Reb

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    Jan 9, 2005
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    We need a bunch of those who are classified as "athlete" to play DB. They will be the ones who will help dispell the myth.
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    Feb 19, 2005
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    Great white corner "athletes" are hard to find atleast according to the pros. We all need to gather behind these white men and push them forward and help them excel.
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    I actually saw Tebow play on tv last week, he plays for Nease High
    right here in my hometown of Jacksonville. He won't be a wide reciever
    - he's too good of a passer. Great arm, great legs
    and an ability to read defenses and distribute
    the ball you won't find in most College quarterbacks.

    Ryan Ellis is another great player for them, he had 206 yards worth of
    catches in the game. Getting a lot of attention from D1 schools at the
    WR spot.

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