"Jose Mourinho was right... Tanguy Ndombele's display was a disgrace", says Jamie Carragher

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    Carragher: "I've watched him a lot this season, and he either can't run or he doesn't want to run - both of them are not good things"

    Jamie Carragher provided a withering assessment of Tottenham midfielder Tanguy Ndombele's display against Burnley, claiming Jose Mourinho's criticism was justified.

    Mourinho said he "cannot keep giving Ndombele opportunities" after hauling the Frenchman off at half-time of his side's 1-1 draw at Burnley on Saturday night.

    Spurs' club-record £54m summer signing was one of two changes at the interval along with Oliver Skipp as the visitors trailed 1-0, and Carragher explained on Monday Night Football that Mourinho had a point.

    "His performance was nothing short of a disgrace in terms of his effort off the ball. On the ball, he was very good, but off the ball, you can't believe what you're seeing.

    "But he didn't have a single sprint in 45 minutes and his top speed is 10th. Jose Mourinho spoke about not getting passes from the centre-backs, him not showing for the ball. He received two passes from the back.

    "He just seems to walk about and not move until the ball comes near him. He likes to tell other people what to do. He was hiding and eventually one of the three centre-backs had to look beyond him with a long ball and they often then lost possession.

    "He was too often standing, marking himself and not looking for the ball. Oliver Skipp was always moving and trying to find the angle, but this is the £60m player.

    "He almost reminded me of when you play with kids at school. They only want to play football when the ball comes at your feet. He had pure quality on the ball. I've watched him a lot this season, and he either can't run or he doesn't want to run - both of them are not good things.

    "He doesn't like to run or defend and everything looks like he's jogging or running like an old man. But when the ball comes to him, he comes alive. That is not enough."

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