Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80! -- Part Two

Discussion in 'Track & Field' started by Don Wassall, Jun 10, 2015.

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    I shouldn't have said that, because it's obvious why Lemaitre bothers . . . to collect an appearance fee!
    There's no love of the sport and desire to compete there. And I don't believe there ever was with Lemaitre. That was his biggest problem.
    You know he's only 31 yrs old. Guliyev is the same age. Bingtian Su is a year older. They both competed individually at the Tokyo Olympics last year.

    Imagine if Matthew Boling never improved after this year. Imagine that this year will be his all-time peak, and he will go downhill starting next year.
    Wouldn't that be disappointing?! He's only 21 yrs old!
    But that's what happened with Lemaitre. He ran his PBs at the age of 21.
    Bingtian Su ran his 100m PB at the age of 31
    Guliyev ran his 100m PB at the age of 27, and his 200m at the age of 28.

    That's what so annoying about Lemaitre. He had more potential than anyone, including Boling; and it was his lack of desire, determination, and dedication (not injuries, opportunities, or bad luck) that left his huge potential unfilled.

    Yes, he was perhaps the greatest white sprinter of the past several decades; yes, he was the first sub-10 white sprinter; yes, he won bronze medals in the 200m at the Olympics and World Championships . . . . but he could have, should have, done so much more.
    He had once in a lifetime talent, and he only needed to dedicate himself to harnessing that talent. But he didn't. He didn't have the desire.
    So for me, that leaves a bitter taste.
    But I understand that for many of you, the taste is different.
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    Lematire was pure natural ability. I don't know that there was ever any training involved. I remember how we used to joke about his lame training. He just didn't want to be bothered with all that painful/hard work, professional coach stuff. He was a drug free, genetic freak who ran on once in a generation natural talent.
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    Very well said and it's so true. He was just born to run and could do so effortlessly without even having much strength. The stronger he got the slower he became. What a natural
    born wonder kid. It's a shame he didn't last longer but he left us memories to last a lifetime and I thank him for that. Congrats on a good career Christophe Lemaitre. One of the longest and most popular threads on this board ever. We had start a 2nd part of the Lemaitre Thread. Amazing Sprinter and I wish we would see him at his peak 1 last time. We
    won't but at least we have videos to look back on his 1 to 2 years of greatness where he was actually feared by most sprinters on earth because of his talent!
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    None of will ever know what was and is in his mind when it comes to track and sprinting. Could he have done better? Yes Should he have done better? Yes Will we ever know the truth? not unless he tells us...plain and simple.

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