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  1. woody39

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Great Britain
    Never too early to look at next year....Mcshay has three white players in the top 10....Kedon Slovis Quarterback USC, Sam Howell Quarterback University North Carolina and Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan. Good to see a caste position high up early predictions.
  2. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Pretty sure Howell is part Asian. He passes the eyeball test for sure though.

    JT Daniels if healthy should be firmly in the 1st round conversation after the season.

    Also make no mistake they are already pushing the funny looking quota from Oklahoma, the Cincinnati quotaback and the liberty quotaback as high 1st round picks.

    Let’s not forget Brock Purdy from Iowa state either. He was widely projected as a 1st round pick last year - had an uneven season but returns and will hopefully have a strong 2021 season throwing to the best TE in football Charlie Kolar who is also draft eligible.
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  3. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    I am working on my initial draft list - using the Senior Bowl watch list and cross referencing it against other rankings as they are released. I'll hopefully have a fairly comprehensive list posted in the next week or so.
  4. Red Raider

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    Jul 23, 2017
    I love your draft lists every year! I think this year will be a good one for linebackers and tight ends. Two positions that were particularly weak in 2021. Should see an uptick in edge rushers too.
  5. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Thanks. It will be hard to gauge this season and the next. The additional year of eligibility due to covid will cause a higher than normal number of draft eligible players in 2022. In the past I never put underclassmen on my initial list but feel more compelled to do so this season where I feel appropriate. I do my best to frame my draft lists in within the confines of the caste system. My list is much bigger this year an

    Here are some things I have observed thus far in my research:
    - Another year another quotaback push - the draft cucks are all pushing the Oklahoma quotaback, the Liberty quotaback and the Cincinatti quotaback as 1st round picks.
    - So far the OL looks very fat and sumo laden
    - Surprising depth for our guys at WR and RB
    - LB and TE both have tremendous depth - so you are right about that @Red Raider
  6. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Here is my initial watch list for the 2022 season. I listed both juniors and seniors. Not comprehensive - just checked the senior bowl watch list against a few other sites with rankings. Included several of our guys who were overlooked for the obvious reason by the draft websites. I am sure I left some players out - not intentional.


    Carson Strong Nevada (JR)
    Matt Corral Ole Miss (JR)
    Sam Howell UNC (JR)
    Kedon Slovis USC (JR)
    JT Daniels UGA (JR)
    Phil Jurkovec Boston College (JR)
    Kenny Pickett Pitt (SR)
    Brock Purdy Iowa St (SR)
    Dustin Crum Kent St (SR)
    Tanner Morgan Minnesota (SR)
    Nick Starkel SJSU (SR)
    Charlie Brewer Utah (SR)
    Bailey Zappe WKU (SR)
    EJ Perry Brown (SR)
    Chase Garbers Cal (SR)
    Jack Coan Notre Dame (SR)
    Holton Ahlers ECU (SR) - Athlete - potential position change

    Running Back
    Max Borghi Wash St
    Zander Horvath Purdue
    Mike Epstein Illinois
    Clint Ratkovich N. Illinois
    Sean McGrew Washington
    Tucker Gregg Ga State
    Zane Dudek Yale

    Wide Receiver
    Gunner Romney BYU (JR)
    Brittain Covey Utah (JR) - If he has a healthy, productive season he needs to declare. He is overaged for a prospect.
    Tanner Conner Idaho St
    Alec Pierce Cincinnati - Injuries have hampered his availability somewhat.
    Tyler Snead ECU (JR)
    Austin Williams Miss St
    Ben Ratzlaff WKU - Dominant FCS WR - Transferred up to FBS
    Bryce Nunnelly WMU - Dominant FCS WR - Transferred up to FBS
    Jack Sorenson Miami (OH)
    Jake Bobo Duke - needs to be healthy
    Thomas Hennigan App St
    Brandon Bowling Utah St
    Ryan Wisniewski Wisconsin-Whitewater

    Tight End
    Austin Stogner Oklahoma (Jr)
    Charlie Kolar Iowa St
    Cade Otton Washington
    Jeremy Ruckert Ohio St
    Brant Kuithe Utah
    Jake Ferguson Wisconsin
    Trey McBride Colorado St
    Peyton Hendershot Indiana
    Will Mallory Miami (Jr)
    Josh Whyle Cincinatti (Jr)
    Grant Calcaterra SMU
    Nick Muse South Carolina

    Ben Brown Ole Miss
    Cain Madden Marshall
    Jake Stetz Boise St
    Logan Bruss Wisconsin
    Cole Schneider UCF
    Andrew Vorhees USC
    Ben Petrula Boston College

    Cade Mays Tennessee
    Jaxon Kirkland Washinton
    Trevor Penning N. Iowa
    Luke Tenuta Va. Tech (Jr)
    Kellen Diesch Az State
    Austin Deculus LSU
    Connor Galvin Baylor
    Bernhard Raimann
    Ryan Van Denmark UCONN
    Nick Zakelj Fordham

    Tyler Linderbaum Iowa
    Alex Lindstrom Boston College
    Nick Brahms Auburn


    Matt Henningsen Wisconsin
    Cade Hall SJSU
    Raymond Vohasek UNC
    Ben Stille Nebraska
    Julius Welschof Michigan
    Levi Bell La Tech
    John Ridgeway Arkansas
    Aaron Blackwell Arizona (not on Senior Bowl watch list)
    Caleb Tremblay Tennessee

    George Karlaftis Purdue
    Nick Figueroa USC
    Aidan Hutchinaon Michigan
    Zach Van Valkenburg Iowa

    Chad Muma Wyoming
    Jack Sanborn Wisconsin
    Ryan Bowman Washington
    Dax Hollifield Va Tech
    Kyle Harmon SJSU
    Caden McDonald SDSU
    Bo Bauer Notre Dame
    Drew White Notre Dame
    JoJo Domann Nebraska
    Blaze Alldredge Missouri/Rice
    Justin Rice Utah St/Ark St/Fresno St
    Jake Hummel Iowa St
    Mike Rose Iowa St
    Jake Hansen Illinois (concussion history)
    Nate Landman Colorado
    Carson Wells Colorado (listed as JR)
    James Skalski Clemson
    Baylon Spector Clemson
    Grant Morgan Arkansas
    Bumper Pool Arkansas

    Defensive Back
    CB Riley Moss Iowa
    S Reed Blankenship MTSU
    S Nolan Turner Clemson
    S Brenden Schooler Texas (not on Senior Bowl watch list)
    S Mike Palmer Boston College
    S Jack Koerner Iowa
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  7. Leon Sandcastle

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    Aug 30, 2020
    I know a lot of you guys will quickly skim through college football rosters to search for white players and don't bother to look up any players with names like J'Quayvious for obvious reasons. I seem to recall that some members were justifiably surprised when someone discovered a white player whose name was one of the seemingly infinite variations of "Jaylen". With that in mind, it's worth mentioning that "Dax" actually seems to be an increasingly popular name for white athletes, as Dax Raymond, Dax Milne, and now Dax Hollifield will all have entered the league within a four year span.
  8. Phall

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    Sep 19, 2012
    @Don Wassall please end the poasting career of this hoople-head
  9. Christ-is-king

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    Aug 18, 2021
    Great list @Leonardfan ! Just adding two names I’ve seen in mock drafts recently

    jarrette Patterson C note dame
    Scott Patchan edge Colorado state

    also Slade bolden WR Alabama is a name to keep an eye on if he has a good season.
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  10. Red Raider

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    Jul 23, 2017
    Awesome list as usual!

    I can’t believe they left Colin Schooler off of the senior bowl watch list, I believe he is the active tackles and TFL leader in the NCAA.
  11. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    Thanks for the updates and feedback! Notre Dame DT Kurt Hinish should be added to the list as well.
  12. Kaiser_Soze

    Kaiser_Soze Guru

    Jun 7, 2012
    1/4 Korean through his paternal grandmother.
  13. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    Can’t tell at all and the average fan will certainly not be able to discern the difference
  14. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    Adding SE Louisiana QB Cole Kelley to the list - FCS All American and Walter Payton player of the year last season. There is only one reason he is not even being recognized as a draftable commodity especially after the full bore hype job Trey Lance enjoyed last year playing one game. Kelley is a better passer with a stronger arm - he is also huge - 6'7" 260 but can move very well. The obvious reason he is not even recognized is because he is White.
  15. jacque

    jacque Guru

    Apr 26, 2020
    This QB class will be horrible in my opinion. I think every play being mocked as top 10 has no potential to be a franchise QB… I’d take Dustin Crum or Carson Strong over anybody being mocked….
  16. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    I do hope Strong ascends up the draft boards. I took in most of the game last night - really good deep ball thrower, strong arm too. I did not see the Kent St game but it looks like Crum struggled, I am sure he will rebound and end the season on a high note - great dual threat QB getting no attention. Howell disappointed but again I think he will rebound - I think he's a good QB but does not have that edge to him like Mayfield (the QB he gets compared to the most).

    Just echoing my comment above on Cole Kelley - he is getting NO attention whatsoever. Where they were hyping up Lance last year they have totally swept Kelley under the rug and ignored him. I watched some of his tape today and he can rip it, reminds me of a bigger, nimbler Philip Rivers. I do hope he has a strong season - I think Wentz had a some buzz going into his senior year and it really took off during the pre draft workouts/senior bowl. I would hope Kelley enjoys that same trajectory as the season continues. It's BS he has not been talked about at all - after doing my FCS write-ups I came across him earlier today.

    It certainly gets old reading these preseason mock drafts and all the "experts" and amateurs towing the same line - predictably hyping up black QBs.
  17. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    I'll add Matt Corral to the list. Best QB in college football at the moment and draft eligible.
  18. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    I've mentioned Pitt QB Kenny Pickett in the 2021 QB thread. He is certainly a riser - the senior bowl has begun to mention and talk him up. Another player they are giving positive coverage to is Cincinnati WR Alec Pierce. I put a little more stock into the senior bowl than what the "experts" say just because the senior bowl actually has a role in the draft process.
  19. Bucky

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    Jul 20, 2018
    Pickett is definitely showing more ability than I thought he had in him! Glad he's enjoying so much early season success.

    Also glad to see Pierce back after injury playing great ball. I agree with @Red Raider . He's in the Decker/Nelson mold as an outside WR.

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