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    Since 2005, the Yellow Jackets have had 6, 6, 7, 5, 6, 3, 7, 6, 4, 6, 5, 4, and 7 white starters. They could start as many as 9 whites this year, which would be an all time high. Unfortunately, QB Matt Jordan retired early, but the bright spot is that ultra-athletic Nathan Cottrell will receive a heavy workload at one of the running back positions. WR Brad Stewart will start for his third year in a row, but will mostly block in this offense. He will also be the primary kick returner. Brant Mitchell is the one to watch on defense. A big year could land him on an NFL roster. Not much depth, so don't expect this number to stay high in the future.

    Offense -
    RB - Nathan Cottrell
    WR - Brad Stewart
    LT - Will Bryan
    LG - Parker Braun
    C - Kenny Cooper - in a battle for position
    RG - Brad Morgan
    RT - Bailey Ivemeyer or Andrew Marshall

    Defense -
    ILB - Brant Mitchell
    ILB - David Curry - in a battle for position

    Back ups include LT Zach Quinney, LG Connor Hansen, and C Chet Lagod.
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    Wow best numbers for Tech in 13 years?! Snowplow, couple white skill position players and a few white defenders sprinkled in. Not bad.
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    Thanks Vanilla.

    Very perceptive point. This has been a caste factory for a long time and Vanilla is probably right that once Stewart and Cottrell are gone expect the same old you know what.

    I am glad they multi task Stewart because being a WR in an option attack is a lonely job.

    The main man here is obviously Cottrell. Despite his speed and yards per carry average I suspect he is not on NFL draft boards at this juncture. The issue is he probably doesn't fit the strength profile of an NFL RB.

    So I hope to see them diversify him more this season. First as a kick returner. If one was to project his NFL future I think special teams to go along with a backfield/slot specialist using him on plays to utilize his dynamic speed. An every down pound it back he is not.

    The pass catching end of it would help diversify his resume but this offense doesn't really pass to RBs that often.

    Be that as it may enjoy him in college. Not every player we root for fits into the NFL but that is no reason to shy away from watching this speedster tear through defenses. Cottrell is one of my favorite college players.
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