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    Since 2005, the Air Force Academy Falcons have started 14, 19, 21, 18, 14, 14, 15, 17, 11, 12, 10, 11, and 13 whites. They jump up to 14 this year with a ton of depth and a 3/4 white secondary! Back up RB Nolan Eriksen will get a ton of carries, while Clayton Fejedelem's (Cincinnati Bengals safety) gets the starting nod at one of the corner positions. This is definitely a team to root for this year, even without white starters at QB or the WR positions.

    Offense -
    FB - Parker Wilson
    TE - Kade Waguespack
    LT - Stone Miller
    LG - Colin Marquez
    C - Christopher Mitchell
    RG - Griffin Landrum
    RT - Christian Frost

    Defense -
    NG - Cody Gessler
    DL - Micah Capra
    ILB - Kyle Johnson
    ILB - Brody Bagnall
    SS - Garrett Kauppila
    FS - Ross Connors
    CB - Jeremy Fejedelem

    Two deep back ups include RB Nolan Eriksen, FB Cole Fagan, WR Garrett Amy, TE Rhett Myers, RT Wolfgang Rehbock, C Connor Vikupitz, LG Garrett Watts, LT Scott Hattock, DL Danny Highland, ILB Blake Dailey, ILB Price Morgan, OLB RJ Jackson, and SS Benjamin Waters.
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    Thanks Vanilla.

    Well this has to be the only big time college team team starting three white Defensive Backs!!! That alone jumps them up the root for list.

    RB Eriksen should flourish in their option attack which leads me to my next point. Ordinarily a team without much of a white WR presence would be cause for alarm. But on an option heavy team it isn't that big a deal. Air Force rarely throws the ball.

    Of course Fejedelem at CB is great to see and if he is as talented as his brother perhaps just perhaps we could see a white CB drafted. Wishful thinking but a white CB cannot get drafted if there aren't any playing the position. The more that hopefully start dotting the college landscape the more the odds go up that a white CB will play in the NFL. Simple math.

    Air Force has the kind of diverse starting roster mix I would like to see on most college football teams.
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    Go AFA!
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    Now this is a squad worth pulling for!:applaudit:

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