2011 Indiana Hoosiers

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  1. Electric Slide

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    Jul 14, 2007
    Indiana had 12 White starters in 2006, 8 in 2007, 9 in 2008, and 9 in 2009, and 11 in 2010.

    Here are the projected White starters for the 2011 season. It looks like a slight tick down to 10. Matt Perez is listed 3rd at RB. Connor Creevy is in the two deep at WR.

    QB Dusty Kiel (in a fight for the position with qoutaback)
    TE Max Dedmond
    C Will Matte
    LG Marc Damisch
    RG Cody Evers

    DT Adam Replogle
    DE Ryan Phillis
    MLB Jeff Thomas
    SLB Chase Hoobler
    FS Greg Heban
  2. Riddlewire

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    Jul 12, 2007
    A rare bit of good news regarding the runningback position.
    Indiana has released their depth chart for the opening game against Ball State and Matt Perez is listed at RB1.

    As for the rest of the team, Evers lost out to dark-skinned person of indeterminate origin Justin Pagan. However, they picked up white Josh Hager at right tackle. So the offense features six white men.
    On the defensive side, Electric Slide's listing remains the same.
    Indiana moves into the 50% white starters class.
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  3. Jack Lambert

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    Jan 3, 2009
    I saw that too, but I forgot to post it, I got caught up with looking for other team's updates. So 1/4 of the teams in the Big 10 will start white RBs this year.. nice!

    Also, Greg Heban has moved back to CB, so a little more good news.
  4. Colonel_Reb

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    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South
    I'll take a starting White RB no matter where he is! Good news!

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