Wilder vs Fury II

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by white is right, Nov 26, 2019.

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    It's officially on for February the 22nd, the site is still to be determined but Las Vegas and the MGM Grand is the front runner.

    Wilder has a short window to go back in training and the promotion has to start around Christmas, but the first narrative from the Wilder camp is that Fury was "knocked out" and was given a long count by Reiss. Total bs as the count is never a stop watch count but referees count that can be interrupted at any time if a fighter or his camp leave the corner or interfere with the referee. Even Raphael was writing this bs and he should know the rule book better than that.......https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_...lder-tyson-fury-rematch-officially-set-feb-22

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