Who is really in charge of all 32 teams (sort of)

Discussion in 'NFL' started by dwid, Jun 17, 2013.

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    breaks down the power structures of each team, hard to tell who really has the final say on every decision though.

    Apparently Bellicheck has the most power for a coach.
    "Few football people have the all-encompassing power that Bill Belichick carries in New England, and the results have been hard to argue with. In explaining how Belichick manages things, one ex-Patriots personnel man said, "I don't know, maybe he has 10 clones of himself." But it isn't all roses. Belichick is involved to the point where it has frustrated his college scouts, who have been overruled in the past on draft picks"

    They have brought in a good deal of White free agents but have drafted some terrible blacks...I am sure Bellicheck has a good deal of power, but like mentioned in another thread, there are most likely more powerful people that overrule some of his decisions.

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