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    It looks like Decker, as well as Jordy, are going to get shots to play as outside WRs. The Packers drafted Randall Cobb who looked very explosive this preseason as a returner and to provide that short area explosion that can be effective in the slot.

    Here is a list of the 27 white WRs currently in the league (I believe two more whites have been added to rosters since I did the head count and those two are Brandon Stokley and David Anderson). Here is a sum up of where I think each white WR SHOULD fit in their team's offense. This analysis is somewhat incomplete due to not AVIDLY watching each team's personnel (however I HAVE AVIDLY scouted most of these white WR's skillsets and seen ALL Of them play at least once).

    1- Arizona: Max Komar- His skillset fits best in the slot.
    2- Atlanta: Kerry Meier- He is versatile enough to play both Flanker and man the slot, but with Roddy White and Julio Jones- his best shot with the Falcons to see the field a lot is in the slot. Meier is taller than your typical slot WR though and will have to compete with another taller than average slot prospect (Harry Douglas) to man the slot position.
    3- Chicago: Dane Sanzenbacher- Watching him make long catches at Ohio State, I wonder if Chicago should use Sanzenbacher opposite Johnny Knox on the outside and sit the still somewhat raw (as a WR) Devin Hester in some packages. Of course due to his exemplary short area quickness, Sanzenbacher can ALSO Play the slot. They could mix it up with Sanzenbacher and Bennett taking turns in the slot and the outside.
    5- Cincinatti: Jordan Shipley- I've been somewhat surprised by Jerome Simpson's production and penchant for the big play so far this year. Therefore, Shipley playing the slot for Cinci might make more sense. Although Shipley ran a 4.6 at the NFL combine he plays faster than that and has the upside of becoming a Tim Brown type. He would make a great outside WR as well... Ryan Whalen- He should be the third outside WR behind A.J Green and Jerome Simpson at this point. Hopefully he gets a fair chance to compete for playing time with Simpson.
    6- Denver: Eric Decker- A STUD that absolutely should play the outside, with Royal being a much more prototypical slot WR.
    7- Green Bay: Jordy Nelson- Absolutely an outside WR and he could be one of the best in the league.
    9- Houston: Kevin Walter- No doubt an outside guy- and a solid starting Flanker... David Anderson- Makes a solid, but unspectacular NFL slot WR.
    12- Indianapolis: Austin Collie- Outside, and boy did he look good before getting hurt last year. He was on pace for over 1,900 yards after the first few games last year... Anthony Gonzalez- Outside or slot... Blair White- Doesn't have prototypical size for the slot, but still possesses those great route running skills and short area explosion and his best shot to see the field with the Colts is in the slot. The Colts should be starting Wayne and Collie on the outside with Blair White in the slot, unless Gonzalez stays healthy and wins the slot job next year. Garcon is overrated and seems to have a bad catch rate/ times targeted- every year so far.
    13- Kansas City: Jerheme Urban- I believe he fits best on the outside with his track and field background and go up and get the ball mentality, but average hands.
    14- Miami: Brian Hartline- Outside WR. He's very underated. He ALREADY looks like he has potential to be in the top 20% of starting WRs in the league. Hartline has an underrated second gear and is faster than both Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess.
    15- Minnesota: Greg Camarillo- He can play the outside or the slot.
    17- New England: Julian Edelman- He can play both the outside and the slot, he could arguably be starting over Ochocinco on the outside right now although it's a bit early to tell how Ochostinco develops in NE. Edelman is one of the most elusive WRs in the league and runs a sub 4 short shuttle... Wes Welker- the Slot Machine. The best slot WR in the league and arguably had the best 3 years in a row in the league EVER as a chain moving possession guy. He has unbelievable lateral quickness. It's great and funny that he is tied for the longest reception in league history though.
    18- New York Giants: Brandon Stokley- At this point in his career and looking at the Giants personnel he fits best in the slot. He did run a 4.44 if I'm not mistaken at the NFL combine and could have been used more on the outside earlier in his career.
    19- New York Jets: Logan Payne- No doubt outside. He has some potential to become a nice contributer in the NFL- although I liked DePalma a bit better when I scouted this year's "white guy on the bubble" tradition the Jets seem to celebrate in each pre-season.
    20- Oakland: Nick Miller- This is a player I have barely scouted at all. He's got speed and could be given a shot to play the outside. Heyward-Bey is destined to be a huge bust (Al David won't admit it yet though) although Moore has looked great and Ford has looked pretty good.
    21- Philadelphia- Riley Cooper- He has as much talent as Jeremy Maclin and is an ideal outside WR. Unfortunately he is stuck in Phili.
    22- San Diego- Bryan Walters- Can play both the slot and outside #2 WR.
    23- Seattle- Kris Durham- From watching him some at Georgia, he looks like he has the size and speed to make an ideal outside WR.
    25- St. Louis- Danny Amendola- He has a comparable skill set getting open to Davone Bess, albeit less after catch ability. He's a poor man's Welker and one of the better slot guys in the league... Greg Salas- Needs to regain confidence after a rough 1st start against the Giants, but I believe he has ideal tools to be a splendid outside WR and can also play the slot.
    27- Tennessee- Kevin Curtis- Outside... Marc Mariani- Outside- Both these guys have the versatility to play the slot as well and Tennessee will have to see how they fit into their WR personnel plans.
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