WEC: Varner v. Shalorus

Discussion in 'UFC-- Mixed Martial Arts' started by icsept, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. icsept

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    Oct 12, 2008
    I'm not an mma afficianodo, but last nights WEC on Versus was a great night for white fighters.

    Josh Grispi choked out brotha LC Davis in the first round. I thought Davis was dead on the canvas with his eyes rolled back in his head.

    Then, this kid Eric Koch (who looked like Timothy McVeigh)choked out an african frenchman in the first round.

    Canadian Mark Hominick tko'd black canadian, Yves Jabouin in the second round, after an entertaining back and forth match.

    The main event, Jamie Varner v. the Iranian, Shalorus. They fought a brutal fight, with Varner breaking his hand and his foot, and sustaining 3 kicks to the groin. Still, everyone was shocked when the judges ruled a draw despite Shalorus having a point deducted for low blows. Varner should have won.

    Overall an impressive night for white fighters. Also, Eddie Wineland tko'd a metzito Campuzano, but I didn't see that fight.
  2. Liverlips

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    Thanks icept. Yes, great night for whites and not sure how Varner was held to a draw when he clearly won the first two rounds. But I guess getting kicked in the balls five times will sap some of the strength out of you.

    I really like Grispi to get a belt at 145, even though Aldo is a tough one.
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    Jan 7, 2006
    That was by far the most entertaining show I have seen the WEC put out. It was PPV worthy even though Versus showed it for free. I agree that Varner got screwed and I thought the Iranian fighter should have gotten docked a extra point for the low blows, regardless Varner clearly won that fight.
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    More good news... At Bellator 23, Alexander Shlemenko TKOed Bryan "The Beast" Baker in the Middleweight Final!


    To me, Alexander was looking sloppy, but then he blasted Baker with a right-hand to the jaw, and he proceeded to fall to the canvas, and then he punched him more, and, since Baker wasn't putting forth any attempt to defend himself, the ref waved the fight off!

    In the pre-fight pieces that were aired, Baker said - "I'm the better athlete"... so it was extra good that he lost.

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