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Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by celticdb15, May 28, 2018.

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  2. Extra Point

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    Oct 21, 2012
    The Cowboys gave up Ryan Switzer and gained Tavon Austin. It's a bad swap.

    Austin is a bad player as a receiver and as a returner and has a high salary. Switzer couldn't be worse than he is and Switzer has a low salary.
  3. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    I really like the trade to Oakland. Seems like Jerry Jones had too many "overachievers" and decided to trade Ryan for one of the more prominent bust players of the past several years.

    Jon Gruden signed Jordy Nelson, traded for Switzer, and also flirted with Eric Decker. (It's borderline obscene that Decker, still in the prime of his career as one of the best receivers in the NFL, hasn't been signed yet after suffering with Mariotta and the Titans last year.)

    The wildcard is Martavis Bryant. The Raiders have underachieving Amari Cooper, who was bad last year other than a few games, Jordy, Bryant, and Switzer. If Cooper and Bryant start outside that leaves Jordy as the slot receiver. Switzer could end up as more of a kick returner than active receiver, but Bryant is one positive drug test away from essentially throwing away his NFL career, and of course injuries usually factor in. All in all would much rather see Ryan in Oakland with David Carr throwing to him than stagnant in Dallas and with Prescott as the QB, who took a large step backwards last year, a familiar pattern for the few black QBs who start off well.
  4. MrPoon

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    Nov 11, 2013
    I cannot believe the Cowboys would give away Switzer. Looks like Decker is getting the Hartline treatment. Wish the Eagles would have grabbed him. Wentz and Foles would make him unstoppable.
  5. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    It is hard to understand how the Cowboys let Switzer loose after just one season to be replaced by an overrated punk like Tavon Austin.

    But I see no reason why Switzer can't flourish in Oakland. He will have Jordy guiding him and David Carr is one of the best young QB's out there.

    There is still this dark shadow hanging over black QB's when it comes to white WR's. As Don mentioned above, Carr is easily preferable to Prescott.

    For a while two seasons back it looked as if Prescott and Cole Beasley were really forming quite a duo. But that idea went out the window during the latter half of that season in a flash. That negative vibe carried through ALL of last season.

    Which still begs the question? Can a white WR flourish with a black QB and over the years the answer has clearly been NO. That could change but until it does I remain skeptical. It seems that black QB's are WIRED not to throw the ball to white WR's.

    The possible semi exception is Cam Newton. He has certainly jelled with TE Greg Olsen over the years. And he teamed up well with CM last season as CM caught a lot of passes for a RB. But there is the rub. He was playing pitch with CM and TE pass patterns are generally more rudimentary than WR pass patterns. Newton has back up WR Bersin but the sample is too small with him. Even if I accept the notion that Newton could form a close bond with a white WR the facts remain that in the NFL black QB's hamper the progress of white WR's.

    Until that terrible trend is reversed I remain skeptical that black QB's can coexist with white WR's. Not saying it is impossible but what is that saying, "show me the money."

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