Reverse racism South Africa

Discussion in 'Media Racism and Stereotyping' started by Angelcynn, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Mar 6, 2007
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    Check out the 'other sports' part and go to 'rugby'. South Africa won the Rugby World Cup just over a week ago in France with relative ease. They have come under attack from the South African government the ANC (fat black and corrupt) and also many American newspapers (mainly before the world cup) for having a too white a team. A rugby union team starts with 15 players. One was black and one was mixed race with the rest being white. It was their best team available and it showed. The South African team showcased the world cup trophy around South African cities over the last week with South Africans of all colours and races celebrating together. Now why the hell does it have to be ruined??? It's so frustrating!
  2. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Sadly, the white South Africans voted in a landslide to turn over their country to black (and Zionist) rule in 1994. It's the first time in history a people have voted for their own extinction, and they did it with gusto.

    When you ask how low can the whites can go in America with their hypocritical and death-inducing "anti-racism" programming firmly in place, the answer is, as low as the whites in South Africa, and maybe lower if possible. The second civil war in America, if there is one, will be mainly white against white.
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    I don't know much about this mysticism of "racism" maybe just plain old bigotry would work instead. The problem of the SA whites is that they were conservative, meaning they accepted the premises of the left one at a time. Now for the most part they are a sad case of losers pining for the good old days of the NP. They need to start acting like white men and start thinking "why?" That being the most important word or thought that seperates us from the bone thru the nose types.
  4. Solomon Kane

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    Jul 3, 2006
    I hope this cup victory raises the morale/consciousness of whites in South Africa (and, for that matter, the morale/consciousness of SA blacks of good will and common sense).
  5. voice

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Just for the record that statement "reverse racism" validates the genocidalists campaign against whites.

    If "racism" is a valid term, which I denounce as it is human nature amongst all races, then "racism" against whites would only be "racism" not "reverse racism"!

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  6. Jimmy Chitwood

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    Aug 10, 2005
    voice echoes my own sentiments with regard to the ridiculous term, 'reverse' racism.
  7. Skipperron

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    Sep 11, 2006
    I literally cringe everytime I here that phrase "reverse racism". There I just cringed again. [​IMG]

    And I also get so mad reading about South Africa and want is happening there compared to what it once was like.

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