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Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by backrow, Nov 1, 2009.

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    this just in from rotoworld, he is done for the year.

    too bad seeing how he was having a monster year to date, was best TE out there: 40 catches for 519 yards, 5 TDs. Silver lining here is that this will get the ball more to Kevin Walter who runs similar routes to Daniels and is just as reliable. Plus both backup TEs are white: Dreesen and James Casey.

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Owen Daniels' knee injury will cost him the rest of 2009.

    Daniels went down on a first-quarter play in Sunday's win over the Bills. He appeared dejected on the sideline afterwards, so it's not surprising to find out that the injury was serious. Joel Dreessen and rookie James Casey will pick up snaps. Daniels was the No. 1 overall fantasy tight end heading into Week 8. Kevin Walter may be the biggest beneficiary of his loss.
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
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    Saw him get hurt and knew it was serious when they took so long to get him off the field.


    Hope he can come back.
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    From Rotoworld:



    In a live chat with fans, Owen Daniels (ACL surgery) said that he's
    "looking forward to being ready for Week 1."
    <div ="s_pNewsTextMain"> Updates on Daniels' rehab have been few
    and far between, so we'll take what we can get. According to Daniels,
    the doctors say his ACL "looks great." There's still a strong chance
    that he'll be very limited in training camp, which is causing his ADP to
    sink like a stone. It's a situation to monitor closely before fantasy
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    Owen Daniels is currently third in yardage among tight ends, and has a shot at his first thousand yard receiving season. If so he would be the fourth White tight end in recent seasons to accomplish the feat, joining Jason Witten, Rob Gronkowski and Dallas Clark, after a prolonged drought following Mark Bavaro's thousand yard season in 1986.

    Watching the Texans, Daniels seems to get wide open with ease, while Andre Johnson is almost always tightly covered as he appears to have lost his separation speed, but Matt Schaub still feels obligated to try and force the ball to Johnson, who has also shown bad hands so far in 2012. Daniels could have even bigger numbers, as could Kevin Walter and James Casey, except for Johnson's revered status as a beloved superstar who has to get a certain number of targets every game whether he's open or not.

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