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    True, but it's also being reported that he was the main person banging the drum to bring Deshaun Watson here. The reason Watson was specifically targeting Miami as his #1 landing spot (aside from all the promiscuous sex on South Beach) was because they had a black coach in Flores. Watson is a racist POS and for that reason alone, I'm glad Flores got fired.

    As far as picking Tagovailoa over Herbert, it's water under the bridge. I get that the Dolphins are haunted by the fact that Herbert turned out to be as good as he is, but you make due with the talent you have on your roster. Flores didn't want to do that so he purposely set Tagovailoa up to fail. You can't coach like you have this big effing ego, especially when you've proven nothing in the league. He also did nothing to develop our guys on the offensive line (Davis, Dieter, and Eichenberg), installed some Haitian affirmative action nobody as the OL coach, didn't utilize an athletic freak like Gesicki in the passing game, didn't play Laird at all, and expected this offense not to be total dogsh*t. Flores definitely deserved to be fired.
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