Jamaican Sprinting.

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    Sep 5, 2011
    on johnsons 200 m record , i think that he got such a time was due to introduction of epo into drug regime
    during 1990's , whereas other athletes for short sprints
    would never used or seen much of benefit .

    he was using more for 400 m but obviously had
    benefits in 200 also .as coach harte says 400 m is alot more aerobic than most people acknowledge.
    and like wariner used lets you finish race like a train .
    look at times for 400m and 400m hurdles from 90's
    early 2000's to see that certainly some ped was involved with times and was epo use , until test came abouts to discourage .
  2. pietro1

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    Sep 5, 2011
    the fact is that lemaitre is on SARMS like other select few athletes .but what was previously afew athletes and use of it was tightly controlled to afew
    starting with liu xiang and powell in 2005 -6 now alot more athletes use that no longer the case.

    the difference is the jamaicans hit androgenicity from both sides with steroids and sarms , where lemaitre
    really suffers, his explosiveness and even doesnt have it great naturally .
    the sarms are real difference to modern records
    as indirectly increases sprint endurance that mean
    biggest gain in time as sprinters dont slow down as much at end of race like yester year .

    unfortunately in france wheresas lemaitre was only one using sarms , vicaut is on them now also and has a different body type ,more naturally explosive
    and will suit maybe more for 100m
    unfortunate but typical french have to blacken every sport , time will till , will see who comes out on top in summer

    what lemaitre needs is access to designer steroids from pharma companies in america and easily beat testers .

    it is just the system as it stands nowadays .
    dislike but just the way is
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    allez allez lemaitre

    apparently training is going well , injury free and getting legally stronger, aiming very probably at euros over 100meters and relay 4 by 100 . !!!!!!
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