Is the welterweight really that great?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by aussieaussie31, Jul 30, 2007.

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    It seems to me that everytime I go to a boxing chatroom(with the exception of castefootball) everyone is discussing the depth and talent of the welterweight division.
    Now I follow boxing somewhat closely. I, as most other castefootballers understand why attention is not given to the Heavyweights,, or the Super Middleweights. Simply put, they are too white for the powers that be to handle.
    Now when I first started to hear the praise coming from the huggers on various boxing forums in regards to the welter weight division I did not really give it much thought.
    I said to myself well, the division does have some talent, no doubt about that. But no more than any other division in my opinion. But why the unrelenting praise about that division (welterweight)in particular amongst those that think they know boxing?
    Well I had a hunch why that might be so I decided to take a look at the division a little more closely.
    What I found out confirmed my earlier convictions.
    The welterweight division is the least white of ANY division in boxing according to the rankings.
    The Following is # of white champs, and then the # of whitemen raked in the RingRankings top 10.

    Heavyweight: 4 white Champs, 7 whitemen in top 10
    Cruiserweight: 1 white champ, 3 whitemen in top 10
    Light heavies: 1 white champ, 2 whitemen in top 10
    Super Middles: 2 white champs, 6 whitemen in top 10
    Middleweight: 2 white champs, 5 white men in top 10
    Superwelter: 1 white champ, 2 whitemen in top 10
    Welter weight: 0 white champs, 0 whitemen in top 10

    in fact welterweight in the ONLY division with 0 white champs, and 0 whitemen in the top 10.

    I know this is a bit of a rant but I am just getting so tired of hearing non-stop how talent rich the welterweight division is. The heavyweight division is the whitest and it is said regularly that it is the weakest.
    The welterweight division is the darkest, and it is regulary said to be the deepest division in professional boxing.
    Coincidence? I think not.
    So remember, the next time you hear someone say how much deeper the welterweight division is in talent compared to all the other divisions, understand why those that claim it to be so are claiming it. [​IMG]
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    You're 100% right about this. Welterweight has much less talent than super middleweight, with its shot fighters like Baldomir and mediocre ones like Margarito, Williams, and Judah.

    There are many better athletes at heavyweight than the over-hyped welterweight division, but many people have been brainwashed by the media into believing in the inferiority of white athletes and the "state of the heavyweight division" which in reality is GREAT right now...that's why personally, I'm enjoying it more than I ever have.Edited by: JD1986

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