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Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by Don Wassall, Dec 24, 2019.

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    With one game left in his rookie season, Renfrow has 43 receptions for 503 yards and 3 TDs. He missed three games because of injury, so he's played 12 so far with one to go. Extrapolating his 12 games over a full season equates to close to 700 yards, excellent for his first season. With Andy Isabella being absurdly Caste aside as a rookie despite being drafted in the second round, Renfrow has been a bright spot in 2019 who should only continue to thrive. His speed is under-rated, as shown by his 56 yard sprint to the endzone in Week 16, and he has hands of glue and is smart and savvy.

    Fred Belitnikoff comes to mind as a comparison, but with the Raiders sadly moving to Las Vegas next year and beginning a new chapter in franchise history, maybe not.
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    I guess one could make the argument Renfrow is a student of the Belitnikoff school. If Hunter even comes close to Fred's career I would be satisfied.

    Fred like the Jets George Sauer and the Colts Raymond Berry were known as perfect technicians. They were a QB's best friend ( Brady who has little patience for fools who can't run proper patterns would have loved playing with these guys but he has Edelman) who ran exacting routes and had hands like glue. I think Fred actually used something like glue. Ha. None of these guys had great straight ahead speed but were shifty and could catch contested balls something of a lost art these days.

    But there is lesson to be learned here and it is lost on the so called draft gurus in this caste flavored era. One doesn't have to be a 40 yard dash demon to cause damage down field. In fact in 1967 Fred B led the AFL in yards per catch with 21.9. Keep in mind electrifying speedsters like Lance Alworth and Don Maynard were in their prime at that time so that is saying something.

    Fred B would be considered a slot/possession receiver today but back then he didn't just run little curl patterns. He was a threat all over the field especially in the intermediate range.

    What frustrates me today is you see college receivers like Ryan Switzer and Trey Quinn utilize their speed and quickness to make big plays. Yet when they finally got a chance in the NFL they were shoehorned into running nothing but closet patterns.

    I would love for Renfrow to follow in Bilentkoff's footsteps. As it is he has become one of the better stories in the NFL season this year. The Raiders missed him when he was down.
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    …...and I'm not sure how many D-1 Scholarships he received, but I know he walked on at Clemson. I'm always impressed with men like Renfrow who have the guts and courage to pursue their dream despite the odds against them. Another great story!

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