Good News From The European Heartland

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    Vladimir Putin endorses legislation that is currently being debated in the Kremlin that would give Cossack's rights, and authority that they have not had since before the Soviet Union.


    More on rights, and powers that are to be restored to the Cossacks.Putin is endorsing legislation that is up for approval right now. If passed this would allow for the Russian Government to finance the Cossacks in regards to military hardware and weaponry. The Cossack's would be officially declared a auxialiary force for the first time since pre Soviet times.Of course the English reporter seems to be in shock when he said that the Cossack's believe everyone should be like them. That is "white, and Christian."
    Winds of change are in the air.

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Yes, I rather like Putin--so far. Alone, of the post Soviet-era rulers, he has stood up to the Jewish oligarchs who have looted the ex-SU. He has a genuine sense of Russia--as basically a white, Christian nation. I hope this doesn't lead to a return to Czarism,however.

    I also like the way he stands up to mulitcultural neo-cons like Bush.

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