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    Amusing newspaper article publicly proclaiming stupidity of two non-white offensive linemen. Unfortunately for anti-caste fans, there is no light at the end of the tunnel here: both of their backups are black.

    Lutui, Brown are on hot seat

    Lutui, in his third season, needs to reduce the number of "bonehead" mistakes he made last year, coach Ken Whisenhunt said. Brown, the fifth overall pick in the draft last year, must prove he was worthy of that selection.

    "I want to see improvement as far as mental errors are concerned," Grimm said of Lutui and Brown. "We had too many over there. Now, you're dealing with two young guys in a whole new system, but that's no excuse. We go over those things."

    The confusion last season came when defenses moved around before the snap. Grimm has a set of rules that are to be applied when defenders do that, but it's not easy for inexperienced players to put that into practice.

    "Sometimes we were not on the same page," Brown said. "I was thinking we had to go to one guy and he was thinking we had to go somebody else, and, shoot, we let the defensive tackle go."

    "There were flashes of him being a pretty good player," Whisenhunt said. "But there were also some bonehead mistakes, for lack of a better term, that you wouldn't expect a veteran player to make. He can become a better player because he has all the physical tools."
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    Not to go off-topic, but isn't it interesting that the Tennessee Titans' are 1 of the few NFL teams with two starting White OT's?

    Vince "franchise" Young is lucky to get that kind of protection.

    Matt Leinart is not so fortunate. I'm tempted to cry -- CONSPIRACY...

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