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    Unmistakable Chase Winovich never lets Patriots defense rest

    FOXBOROUGH — It’s never hard to spot Chase Winovich on the football field.

    With his golden hair flowing out of the back of his helmet and his engine always revving in the fifth gear, it’s impossible for the Patriots defensive end to sneak up on an offense.

    That mattered little Sunday as the Jets couldn’t keep Winovich out of their backfield or off their quarterback in New England’s 28-14 win at Gillette Stadium.

    Winovich, sporting an oversized protective contraption on his right hand after an early injury — it looked like a taped-up mitten — played through the intermittent snowflakes as if his locks were on fire.

    He finished with six tackles, including a pair of sacks, and three hits landed on Sam Darnold.

    Winovich had a team-high 5½ sacks this season and figures to be a huge part of the Patriots defense moving forward.

    “I thought Chase played hard, like he always does,” said coach Bill Belichick. “Brought some good pressure, some inside pressure on the quarterback. With Josh Uche out, Chase stepped up, Rashod Berry stepped up, played some for us, too.’'

    Winovich spearheaded an attack that never really let Darnold get comfortable.

    “Overall, we had decent pressure on the quarterback, forced him out of the pocket a couple times, at least knocked him down a couple times there, created some longer yardage situations,’' said Belichick. “Yeah, those are positives.’'

    Winovich plays with an unmistakable indefatigable presence that rubs off on his teammates.

    “Chase plays hard all the time,” said the coach. “Usually plays all four phases of the kicking game. Sometimes we pull him off one, but usually at least three phases, a lot of times four. He’s a kid that has a lot of versatility for us. Certainly, the pass rush, that was good for us today from him and, like I said, Adam [Butler], Deatrich [Wise], Rashod.”
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    Funny how BB can't compliment Winovich without bringing up other players. Anytime I have watched the Pats this year he stands out and is always making plays yet is not a full time starter on the defense. If he had more snaps then he would easily have finished with double digit sacks. Maybe in 2021 they will learn to utilize Chase correctly or trade him away - the pipe dream for me would be Winovich going to San Fran to pair up with Bosa and Jimmy G traded back to New England.
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    I thought the same thing, can't compliment Winovich without bringing up some no name black scrubs lol.

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