Brandon Wegher, released.

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    Jan 7, 2012

    Carolina Panthers:
    Cuts to 53: RB Brandon Wegher

    Da hayull? He is not only an amazing RB (arguably in contention with every "starter", but was an amazing Special Teams player last year.)

    Since NE is loaded with backs, that's out of the question. GB has **** for RBs aside Lacy and Starks, so let's welcome in Wegher.

    Otherwise, depending upon KC and Jamaal Charles (who is no doubt NOT going on PUP), I haven't looked around much for RB spots. Maybe NYG or NYJ? Miami? He has options.

    Maybe Blacksonville, with Detard Robinson falling asleep in a sinking car, Gerhart being cut, and having 80 year old Chris Ivory or perennial under performer TJ Yeldon as their top 2? PSHHHAW.

    Wegher returns kicks, punts, and plays HB (and scores, as John Madden would say "TOUCHDOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!")

    SOMEONE, ANYONE, SIGN THIS GUY!…/Can-t-Miss-Play-Brandon-Wegher-goes-ya……/0ap300000…/Brandon-Wegher-9-yard-TD-run (Road to Redemption, aired on NFLN and KCAU-TV)…/0ap30…/Undrafted-Wegher-shines-in-debut (Undrafted vignette)

    He-he's gonna be o-o-okay, right, Dad?


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