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    Africans and football in the news:

    West Ham United have suspended their director of player recruitment, Tony Henry, after he left them open to accusations of racism and potentially unlawful discrimination by telling agents in the transfer window that they don't want to sign any more African players.

    After being confronted by Sportsmail, Henry made the shocking admission that West Ham do indeed want to limit the number of African players because 'they have a bad attitude' and 'cause mayhem' when they are not in the team.

    Noticing things is bad these days.

    Asked why, Henry replied: 'Erm, no reason. It's nothing racist at all. It's just sometimes they can have a bad attitude.

    'We had problems with Sakho, with Diafra Sakho. We find that when they are not in the team they cause mayhem. It's nothing against the African race at all.

    'I mean, look, there are top African players. There's not a problem with them. It's just sometimes they cause a lot of problems when they are not playing, as we had with Diafra. He's left, so great. It's nothing personal at all.'

    Yet everything seems personal to Africans. Arabs too.

    'But the likes of Sakho have caused mayhem. When he's not playing … he always wants a new deal. That's all it was. It was nothing discriminatory at all.

    'I could say we get offered Russian players. I just find with Russian players that they don't settle in England.

    'It's like Italians. How many Italians come and settle in England? As a club we are not discriminatory at all.

    'If you've got too many, they all sit together and it becomes a situation where you can have problems.

    Of course, it was pretty stupid of Henry go public on this but no one ever said football people are smart. Not only is it amazing how so many whites don't notice race differences but it is just as amazing, maybe more so, how many people don't notice how PC society has become then say things that are bound to get themselves in trouble. They must live in a bubble.
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    Nice summary.

    We used to have a French poster on here who would refer to these black players as “bodyguards” as their only impressive attributes were size and physique. He often opined that these players lacked proper touch, creativity, intelligence, positioning, etc like you are also claiming. It seems like years later nothing has changed. The Caste System in France overvalues black players at the expense of Whites and the idiot clubs reward them by overpaying for marginal talents.

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