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Discussion in 'Soccer' started by Bear-Arms, May 8, 2005.

  1. Bear-Arms

    Bear-Arms Mentor

    Mar 8, 2005
    United States
    Do you think that there is a reason why we don't have any interest whatsoever for this game? I noticed that this is least participated forum, and even tennis has more posts. Whats Americas hate/hate situation for this sport? Anyone have an opinion about this?
  2. White Shogun

    White Shogun Hall of Famer

    Mar 2, 2005
    Funny thing too, Bear-Arms, as there are more kids playing soccer than any other sport in the U.S.

    But as for lack of interest... have you ever WATCHED a soccer game??

    LOL Just kidding.. but only a little. [​IMG]
  3. Bear-Arms

    Bear-Arms Mentor

    Mar 8, 2005
    United States
    I just thought I'd try to get some conversation going in case they're some soccer fan's lurking on the board.

    The main reason I don't think it became big was because they never developed a strong league. They have one now, but it's a little too late. Watched one game, it about put me to sleep.

    The sport doesn't get a lot of national attention. Most kid's choose a sport so they can be famous. But, then you say there's already a lot of kids playing the sport. Also, why be just famous in America, when you could be famous all over the world?

    The kids that are playing soccer don't even look enthused. I watched my niece play, and it's fun to watch her pick flowers the whole game. Most of the kids playing are too young to even care, I think. I wonder how many kids would choose the sport over baseball or football in high school.

    We have satellite tv now so you can get soccer games you couldn't before. A lot of people weren't into Nascar a few years ago, and now it's huge. So, we can be converted !!

  4. White Shogun

    White Shogun Hall of Famer

    Mar 2, 2005
    I think kids are more involved in sports and music and gymnastics and
    everything more to assuage their parent's guilt than anything else.

    I think there are a variety of reasons there are more kids involved in
    soccer than other sports. For one, you can field more kids in soccer
    than basketball or baseball, and you can rotate them in and out faster.
    The games are faster paced without regard to innings, so you can cram
    more kids play time into one Saturday morning than an equivalent amount
    of baseball games. There is less equipment needed to get a team
    on the field than a football team. It isn't seen as 'urban' the
    way street basketball tournaments are, and it is a non-contact sport
    for all those moms out there who want to protect the kiddies from

    Its an "ok" sport to watch if you personally have someone on the field
    that you know, but otherwise it is boring as hell. I say to the
    rest of the world, you like soccer only because you don't have American
    football, and your pride wouldn't let you enjoy it otherwise,
    anyway! [​IMG]
  5. foreverfree

    foreverfree Mentor

    Nov 7, 2004
    This American guesses you can chalk it up to American provincialism, to which you can also chalk up why we spell the middle of something "center" and not "centre". Both of which are fine with me. [​IMG]

    Sometimes on Saturday nights while I'm visiting CF and other sites, I'll have Mexican soccer on Galavision or Telefutura on the tube behind me. I like it's precision. The passing and shooting in soccer is simply a larger version of hockey passing and shooting. (Of course football passing involved precision too.)

    I'd watch Fox Soccer World (or whatever FSW is now called) or GOL except I can't afford it.

    But if it's an MLS game I'll mute the sound since IMO the American sportscasters voice is ill suited to soccer calling.

  6. surfsider

    surfsider Guru

    Oct 15, 2004
    Oddly enough, though I have never played soccer except in college intramurals(everyone else on the team was from St. Louis and had played high school soccer) I watch the Premiership and the Bundesliga quite often. MLS is a much less entertaining brand of soccer and interests me less. I think that soccer is perceived by many parents as some sort of obligatory rite of passage that their kids have to endure. Soccer is seen as a safe, non-competitive alternative to a "real" sport. The emphasis on female participation heightens this perception. I had to give up some lovely Saturday mornings to watch my daughters stare aimlessly into space while some of their teammates moved en masse with some of the opposition players in some sort of scrum.
    As the character of Bobby Hill on "King of the Hill" put it when quitting the soccer team "I'm tired of winning without having to beat anybody."
  7. jwhite96

    jwhite96 Guru

    Dec 11, 2004
    Regardless of how popular professional soccer is in the US, it was
    relatively free from the Caste System infecting other sports. Despite
    criticism that the various boys and men's teams representing the USA in
    international competeitions were "too white bread" or "just a bunch of
    suburban rich kids" the majoriy of American born stars are white.
    However, just as the white coaches in Football ,basketball, baseball
    etc. were infected by caste system virus, now the most prominent
    American Soccer coach is thoroughly infected. Bruce Arena the coach of
    the USA men's national team in an interview 5/11/05 in USA Today, used
    some of the anti-white coaching cliches heard in other sports. When
    asked if this year's World cup qualifying team had better athletes than
    previous team ,he named 5 players he considered great althletes :ALL

    Despite the fact that all of the American goal soccers in the 2002
    World Cup in Korea were white and they were the 8th best team in the
    world (of 200 nations) Arena now has no use for white players. He said
    (as if white soccer fans should be in ectasy) he can now field an
    entire black team. One of the black players he really likes
    "Gooch" had a melt down when the US played Mexico March 31,2005.
    As the caste system dictates blacks can totally stink up the field with
    their play but are still assumed to be better than whites. Most
    of the fastest runners on the US National team are white.It would be
    better for white youth soccer players if the US National team didn't
    make the World cup in 2006 and Bruce Arena was descredited .Because if
    the US does well even if white players do well ,soccer will be
    added the long list of sports in which whites need not apply.
  8. Don Wassall

    Don Wassall Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2004
    Good post, jwhite96! [​IMG]
  9. JD074

    JD074 Master

    Oct 19, 2004
    Did anybody see that MILS (indoor soccer) game on ESPN2
    the other night? I only caught the end of it but it looked pretty
    cool. It had more scores than a typical soccer game, the final
    tally was 10-9. I don't know if any kind of soccer can thrive in
    the good ol' US of A, but it was interesting.
  10. surfsider

    surfsider Guru

    Oct 15, 2004
    The US under 20 team beat Argentina in their group in the World Youth Championships. They won 1-0 and played opportunistically and should have won 2-0 but Freddy "much Adu about nothing" missed a penalty kick in the 70th minute. They play Germany on Tuesday I think.
  11. Bear-Arms

    Bear-Arms Mentor

    Mar 8, 2005
    United States
    The reason why so many countries have anti-American feelings is because we don't like this game.[​IMG]
  12. Southern Knight

    Southern Knight Guru

    Aug 5, 2005
    North Carolina
    I have a love-hate relationship with soccer. When played
    correctly, it is a beautiful (and fun) game. But the
    over-emphasis on youth soccer in America is destructive in several

    First, White parents push their children into soccer, so we have some
    of our best athletes foregoing the "glory" sports of football,
    basketball, and sometimes baseball. This has dire effects on the
    racial make-up of football and basketball teams in high schools and,
    eventually, colleges.

    Also, the "non-competitive" leagues (where scores are not kept, games
    are played without goalkeepers, etc.) contribute to a soft, feminine,
    non-combative development, which is contrary to a male's natural

    The MLS has been a complete failure. It is miserably run.
    The league seems to think it can expand its fan base by loading its
    rosters with Nigerians, Jamaicans, and Mexicans. Whites -
    thankfully - have ignored the on-field product (which, by the
    way, is God-awful). If the MLS was dedicated to giving talented
    local high school and college players a way to earn a decent living
    playing a game they love, I think mainstream America would be more
    receptive. But as long as the league chooses to over-promote
    mediocre non-Whites, such as coal-black Freddie Adu -- a bust in every
    sense of the word -- White Americans won't pay any attention to it.

    Consider this: Atlanta has over 150,000 kids playing in soccer leagues,
    and it is without an MLS team. But the league has a Mexican
    affiliate and a team in Salt Lake City (wtf?). Look for the MLS
    to go away in about 2 years. And good riddance.
  13. KG2422

    KG2422 Mentor

    Aug 10, 2005
    Here, it is a sport where the sissies can stick their kids in hopes that they don't get hurt. It seems that it is officiated that way too, especially at the youth levels. It doesn't seem that the rest of the world plays the game that way. Many don't like soccer in the U.S. because it is considered a soft sport. It really shouldn't be. There are many leg injuries and I would say it is much rougher than basketball or baseball. The funny thing is, many Britons and Aussies consider American Football "rugby with pads". Doesn't sound very tough does it? Perception can be a funny thing.
  14. jwhite96

    jwhite96 Guru

    Dec 11, 2004
    Parents put their children in soccer for the reasons discussed daily on
    this web site. Soccer , at least for the present, still affords
    opportunity for whites to have some success.Have you watched soccer
    Southern Knight. There are almost as many concussions ,
    unfortunately as in American football. Soccer clearly is the most
    popular sport in the world and unlike baseball , basketball in this
    country and football, it has many White superstars. It is
    the other way around as far as attendance of the MLS. It is white fans
    who would rather attend or watch on TV sports that have no use for
    whites except as useful idiots i.e spectators who
    will pay ridiculous amounts to which a sport that will not accept
    them as athletes. The MLS is forced to import Latin Americans in order
    to attract sufficient fans. THe MLS is dedicated to providing
    local HS and college players opportunities including whites. The
    Metrostars have 4-5 white teenagers on their roster ,at least 3
    of whom start most , if not all their games. The whites,who at the very
    least play substantial amounts of times are Michael
    Bradley, Eddie Gaven , Tim Ward and Mike McGee. The Metrostars also
    attempted to sign Danny Szetela a 17 year old from New Jersey but the
    league allocated him to Columbus. I heard it said the Nascar is so
    popular because it is just about all white . I think whites should
    support a sport and a league that treats them as equals. As
    for Freddy the fraud Adu, the incredible overhype of this
    mediocre player is because the league has seen that most whites don't
    consider a sport interesting unless it has black superstars. The MLS
    hypes him but Adu's coach Peter Nowak rarely even starts him.
    That's another reason to watch the MLS i.e. their coaches , many
    of whom are from Europe don't feel they have to prove they are
    not racist by giving black players preference. The MLS product is
    anything but God awful. It supplied about half of the 2002 US
    Men's World Cup team that came in 8th out of 200 countries . It was
    enjoyable to see white American athletes score all the goals for
    the US in that competition. It is pleasant to see whites , at times ,
    out speed than their non white counterparts. It probably is true
    that the most white MLS athletes might have been in the NFL
    or MLB 40 years ago.There are several southern whites who are
    stars in the MLS who may have pursued football or baseball had
    they not felt whites need not apply.
  15. white is right

    white is right Hall of Famer

    Feb 16, 2006
    Soccer goes against the North American grain. It's slow in terms of action, the athletes are too skinny and their is chauvinism towards sports that aren't violent(well basketball is popular and so is baseball but they have tradition).
  16. devans

    devans Mentor

    Jul 7, 2005
    Outside North America
    I'm a Brit who has just stumbled across this thread and found it very interesting. I think Americans don't like Soccer because it is considered a game for Women Children, Mexicans and American men who are too timid to play "proper" football. It's a macho thing. Soccer in the UK, particularly at grass roots level is an aggressive confrontational and physical game with some off the ball violence thrown in. It is what you would term a "blue collar" passtime played by working class boys and men. Female participation is unusual. It is seen in the UK as a tough sport and there is no loss of macho imager or street cred in playing Soccer, rather the reverse.
    I do agree with some of the comments about it being boring to watch. The premiership is OK at times but top class football has too many actors, divers and cry babies, and there just arn't enough goals or excitemment. Soccer is great fun to play, comes in many forms - and is great excersise if you put the effort in, but for something to to watch on TV, I prefer the Rugby with helmets and pads, even with the adverts every 8 minutes.
  17. A. Ryan Prowd

    A. Ryan Prowd Newbie

    Apr 29, 2006
    I live in Houston and was considering making a token effort to support our new MLS team, the Houston 1836. But when management changed the name after some Mexicans complained, I said fer-git-it. Besides, soccer is nearly as boring as baseball.
  18. Kaptain

    Kaptain Master

    Nov 25, 2004
    Your right, baseball is not nearly as exciting as watching cars make 500 left hand turns. [​IMG]

    Just giving you a little sh*t A.Ryan - welcome to the board.
  19. celticwarrior77

    celticwarrior77 Newbie

    Mar 5, 2006
    I love football what you guys in the states call soccer but so do the Hispanics although a much crappier version to what we play in the UK and it seems that if them gits overun your country as it seems they will it will replace basketball football as your main sports if they become the majority in 50 years time???

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