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    The Great Black Dope: Why the Crusade to Replace White QBs with Blacks Is Doomed to Fail

    Football is the main sport in America. Most popular with the fans. Most popular with the tv-watching public. Football's number-one position is quarterback. The QB is nearly as important to the outcome of a given game as the pitcher in baseball. Certainly the QB is always the locus of media attention, and the subject of endless discussion on sports radio. If the QB succeeds, he becomes the face of the franchise, a staple of the community, and a man with more philanthropic and commercial opportunities than he can handle. It is no joke to say a dominant and successful QB, such as John Elway, is second only to the president or big-name entertainers in his social and role-model power.

    For all these reasons, promoting ******s as QBs is an important political mission in the controlled media, which in sports means ESPN. Given that, as I've turned the Clausewitz phrase, mass sports is politics by different means, having blacks as visible heads and team leaders in the most popular sports helps fans draw the inaccurate conclusion that these creatures of jungle really are our equals; that they really are good people it is safe to have our sons and daughters and families around; and, finally, that 'African-Americans' can be trusted to lead the way in other arenas of life just as they do on the football field. The truth, of course, is that blacks are as incompetent at QB as they are at everything else.

    Historically blacks were ignored as QB candidates because of the race's mental defects. Blacks are dumb. Blacks have poor judgment. Blacks lack impulse control. Blacks lack self control. The same qualities that lead them to failure in wider society lead them to failure at QB. Too dumb to read defenses, ie figure out where to throw the ball. Too lazy to prepare their body and brain in order to realize their potential. Too apt to get into fights and draw penalties if somebody says something on the field they don't like.

    The mass media overlook these racial tendencies on the football field just as they overlook them in broader society. They might blame a black individual here and there for his failings, but the racial generalization is never made. Racial generalizations are only acceptable if they're pro-black or anti-White. Never if they're pro-White or anti-black. Just as the media blame black crime and education/employment failure in broader society on racism, racismtoo is the culprit when it comes to why blacks have traditionally not been a factor at QB. Never, ever do blacks fail on their own merits. Always it's some white man, or some white attitude, holding them back.

    To reverse history and make progress in football, ESPN and every other mainstream outlet for at least the last twenty years has promoted the idea of the black QB. The subideas are simple: blacks have everything they need, mentally and physically, to succeed at QB. The reason they have failed historically is that they haven't been tried. This is due solely to white racism, which holds they lack the mental ability to play the position. Slowly, too slowly, this attitude is changing. And we the media will hold the owners' and coaches' feet to the fire until blacks dominate the position, like they do most others in professional football. Anything short of that end state signifies that racism still exists and must be battled.

    The practical effect of this jewish ideology -- whites must be driven out of all traditional power positions, in sports and society, replaced with jews and other minorities -- which underlies literally every single sports report you have ever seen, listened to or read in the controlled media, is that ESPN routinely and deliberately -- by policy -- overestimates the value of black quarterbacks. It would be comically amusing to see every last jew-ESPN-promoted black QB get overdrafted and then fail except that the opportunity cost is years of wasted time on the bench for superior but underrated white QBs. This is blatant racial discrimination - and in a league that, like the media itself, is supposedly driven by money more than by a political agenda. In neither case is is so. There is undeclared anti-white discrimination in the NFL just as there is overt and legally mandated discrimination in every other big business.

    The jewish position is the sports version of the Brezhnev doctrine: what's ours is ours, and what's yours is up for grabs. In football, as in wider society, that means traditionally white positions must be taken over by blacks. While traditionally black positions must remain black. Whereas the NFL was about 50-50 black and white this time in the '80s, today in 2012 it is more like 80-20. Defenses are almost wholly black, except for linebackers and occasional linesmen. Offenses feature white QBs, occasional white FBs, and a good number of white linesmen. If whites can be displaced from playing QB, they will have very little room left on the playing field except at punter and placekicker. QB is not just another position, after all. The QB gets the most attention, so that even if every other position is filled by blacks, the QB will still get as much attention as the rest of the spots combined. For that reason it is politically necessary and desirable to install as many black QBs into the position as possible.

    The problem for the hebrews dictating content on ESP is that NFL is a billion-dollar business driven by money-hungry owners (most of them jews - a fact that is literally never mentioned in the jew-controlled mass media that whine about diversity nonstop) who must cater to the public to keep the profits high (1), and that White men are much better at playing QB than blacks (2). Big Jew has not found a way around these facts yet. He is reduced to pumping up yet another black beyond its ability, then making excuses for it as it falls back to earth. And after it can't be denied, even the jew will finally admit the fact, though of course it will never admit to the political impetus driving the overrating in the first place.

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    The best part of this article is how some Jewish people push diversity and Affirmative Action though what if those laws were applied to the disppraportionate # of Jews in certain fields. You cannot have your cake and it eat too!
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    Thanks for posting, VNN forum is great, lots of excellent reading material.
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    Then what is the point of having cake in the first place, jackass?
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    What the heck are "linesmen", and why hasn't that been edited? Stuff like that causes a major loss of credibility.

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