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Discussion in 'Track & Field' started by jacknyc, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. jacknyc

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    May 14, 2006
    Louis Van Zyl of South Africa, just broke the national record in the 400m hurdles with a blazing time of 47.66!

    Just to give you some idea about the time....in 2010, it would have been 5th fastest time in the world, and 3rd fastest performer.
    I thought his best days were behind him, but glad to see they are right now.
    Let's hope this is a great year for him.
  2. jacknyc

    jacknyc Master

    May 14, 2006
    Just checking out the 2011 European Top 10 in the 400m Hurdles.
    It's amazing how the British dominate the list - 6 out of the top 10, and all very young.
    Also, all of them are white, except Woodward (mostly white).
    Incredible too for such a small island; and equally incredible that there are no white US hurdlers who could make this list time-wise.
    Obviously, white talent in the US is pushed away from the sprints/hurdles/jumps, as is well documented here.
    But happy to see this event is so strongly represented in the UK.

    1/48.24David GreeneGBR
    2/49.06NURNathan WoodwardGBR
    3/49.06NURJack GreenGBR
    4/49.50Georg FleischhauerGER
    5/49.59Rhys WilliamsGBR
    6/49.62Stanislav MelnykovUKR
    7/49.68Aleksandr DerevyaginRUS
    8/49.76Niall FlanneryGBR
    9/49.78Jorge PaulaPOR
    10/49.78Thomas PhillipsGBREdited by: jacknyc
  3. mastermulti

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    Jan 13, 2006
    Sydney Australia
    yep, lots of good Brits. They have a history of really good 400 runners in the last 2 decades so these guys seem to have incorporated the hurdles into the equation.
    There are of course 60 million of them on that island LOL

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