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  1. The Sapient

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    Jan 28, 2012
    During this time in 2017, there were approximately 45 WRs signed to a NFL team.

    During this time in 2018, there were approximately 44 WRs signed to a NFL team.

    Although I always seem to miss a couple of “overachievers” in my first go around, as of August 2nd, 2019, there are approximately 46 WRs signed to a NFL team.

    I do find it ironic that the # has relatively remained the same since the time I started tracking in 2017.....But not to get all conspiracy weary, I would argue that this may be a better year in terms of these players “receiving” a starting role or “carving” out a rotational role as a contributor:

    Andy Isabella (Rookie) - Arizona

    C.J. Worton (Rookie) - Atlanta

    Cole Beasley - Buffalo
    David Sills (Rookie) - Buffalo
    Nick Easley (Rookie) - Buffalo

    Chris Hogan - Carolina

    Tanner Gentry - Chicago
    Thomas Ives - Chicago

    Alex Erickson - Cincinnati

    River Cracraft - Denver
    Nick Williams - Denver

    Danny Amendola - Detroit
    Tom Kennedy - Detroit

    Jake Kumerow - Green Bay

    Chad Hansen - Houston

    Michael Walker (Rookie) - Jacksonville

    Gehrig Dieter - Kansas City
    Cody Thompson (Rookie) - Kansas City

    Dylan Cantrell (IR) - LA Chargers

    Cooper Kupp - LA Rams
    Austin Proehl - LA Rams
    Alex Bachman (Rookie) - LA Rams

    Reece Horn - Miami
    Trent Irwin (Rookie) - Miami

    Adam Thielen - Minnesota
    Brandon Zylstra - Minnesota
    Chad Beebe - Minnesota
    Jordan Taylor - Minnesota

    Braxton Berrios - New England
    Julian Edelman - New England
    Danny Etling (QB to WR) - New England
    Gunner Olszewski (Rookie/ CB to WR) - New England

    Hunter Renfrow (Rookie) - Oakland

    Ryan Switzer - Pittsburgh
    Brandon Reilly - Pittsburgh

    Trent Taylor - San Francisco
    Max McCaffrey - San Francisco

    Caleb Scott - Seattle

    Justin Watson - Tampa Bay
    Scotty Miller (Rookie) - Tampa Bay
    Thomas Sperbeck (IR) - Tampa Bay
    Spencer Schnell (Rookie) - Tampa

    Adam Humphries - Tennessee
    Cody Hollister - Tennessee
    Tanner McEvoy - Tennessee

    Trey Quinn - Washington

    Prediction Time:

    What do you think will be the # of White WRs being on an active roster come opening day? 22

    What do you think will be the # of White WRs being on an active roster at least for one game in 2019? Let’s go for the magic # of 25.

    In 2017, 24 WRs suited up for a game. Edelman was on the IR all year long.

    In 2018, 23 WRs suited up for a game. Berrios, Taylor were on the IR all year long.
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  2. Red raider

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    Jul 23, 2017
    Two other guys I can think of are Tom Kennedy for the Lions and Thomas Ives from the Bears. It is weird how the number stays about the same every year when there’s about 10 new guys at least every year when you add the new draft picks and undrafted guys.
  3. The Sapient

    The Sapient Guru

    Jan 28, 2012
    Thank you sir. This is a collective effort and I greatly appreciate everyone’s intel on this.

    List has been updated to include #46.
  4. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Thank you for compiling the list again, Sapient. I see Isabella, Beasley, Hogan, Erickson, Amendola, Kumerow, Kupp, Thielen, Beebe, Jordan Taylor, Edelman, Berrios, Renfrow, Switzer, Trent Taylor, Miller, Watson, Humphries and Quinn playing this season, with Kumerow, Beebe, Berrios, Jordan Taylor and Watson far from locks. Any of the others players listed who play during the regular season will be pleasant surprises as most will be cut or on practice squads.
  5. The Hock

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    Mar 16, 2008
    Northern California
    Yeah they're already starting the released and picked up then released again merry-go-round till some of them get so dizzy they give up.
  6. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Thanks Sapient for your compilations every year and Don for fleshing things out. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone here that WR is my favorite football position. I can often overlook all the other caste leanings to some extent if white WRs are making noise.

    Things do seem more promising than usual on the surface this season but there have been too many fatalities over the years to become complacently confident. I anticipate some dreadful news which is always lurking around the corners. Negativity follows me around like a shadow.

    This will be the first season not counting his lost ACL year that big favorite here Jordy Nelson won't be playing. I miss him already but hopefully some new faces will emerge to carry his proud mantle into the future.

    Adam Thielen has a chance to embellish his status with another 1,000 yard season and barring injuries he is set up to have another banner season. And Edelman is on a HOF track if he continues his blistering pace. The guy is a stud. There is no other way to describe him.

    And newcomers Isabella and Miller add a welcome dose of exploding speed into the mix. So a lot of players to be excited about if things turn out right. It goes without saying that all of them must avoid the injury bug. We already have one fallen comrade in Dylan Cantrell.

    I still believe Davis Sills will make the Bills opening day roster but maybe I am cuckoo. I don't think any of us here at CF will get over the fact he wasn't drafted.
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  7. Red raider

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    Jul 23, 2017
    Max McCaffrey got cut 2 days ago, I hope this isn’t the end of his NFL journey. He has great size to be a NFL receiver at 6’2 205.
  8. Thrashen

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Great list, as usual!

    Based on initial depth charts, it seems like the following white WR's are being listed as starters to open the season:

    Danny Amendola
    Adam Humphries
    Julian Edelman
    Cole Beasley
    Hunter Renfrow
    Trey Quinn
    Cooper Kupp
    Adam Thielen
    Chad Beebe

    As Don mentioned, there are many others who should receive some offensive snaps, but not necessarily as starters. They are as follows:

    Ryan Switzer
    Justin Watson
    Chris Hogan
    Andy Isabella
    Alex Erickson
    Jordan Taylor
    Brandon Zylstra*
    Braxton Berrios*
    Trent Taylor*
    Jake Kumerow*

    *These players have a potential be cut, particularly Berrios and Zylstra.

    With such a plethora of white athletes (Edelman, Kupp, Thielen, Humphries, Kittle, Ertz, and Kelce) having such a great chance at achieving a 1,000-yard receiving season, I predict that 2019-2020 will be the finally be the year that more than four (4) white players hit that mark! It's hasn't ever happened before in NFL history.

    I also believe that Humphries will be special this year in TN and possibly lead the NFL in catches. The inept Marcus Mariotta loves the short pass, he was paid big money to sign with the Titans, and the squad seem to legitimately have big plans for him. Humphries tallied 816 yards last season, despite splitting time in the slot with Chris Godwin and playing with two different QB's.

  9. ximasa

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    Oct 30, 2016
    Gunner Olszewski is really fun to watch, doing well in preseason games, hope he can make the 53-man roster.

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