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Discussion in 'NFL' started by Extra Point, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Don, you are 100% correct. Too often, myself included, we here at Caste Football label various NFL and college teams as "pro White" or "White friendly", when the truth is none have been in the NFL, perhaps dating back to the early 1970's -- i.e. the '72 Miami Dolphins?

    I suppose sometimes we get a bit lazy and mistakenly refer to teams like the current Vikings, Patriots and Packers as "White friendly", when they are merely just "not as bad" compared to the others. Heck, look at the Vikings and Patriots defense's and try to explain how they are "White friendly" to a racially aware white that doesn't follow sports? They'll look at you like you've lost your mind -- with Sendejo's injury they had 1 white starter out of 22 combined.

    As far as the Cardinals, they are likely the worst of the worst the last three decades. Early 1990's they had Ricky Proehl, who at one point was the only entrenched white starting wide receiver in the NFL. They also had Michael Zordich, who Terry Hoage replaced. Perhaps the closest the Card's came to being "White friendly" (since they left Missouri) was the latter 1990's/early 2000's teams, coached by Vince Tobin and Dave McGinnis that featured several white defensive starters over a 4 or 5 year period -- Rob Fredrickson, Pat Tillman, Zach Walz, Brad Ottis and a pair of young, ex-Big Ten defensive ends that had brief careers as starters. Offensively they were as Caste as the others, led by Social Justice Warrior Jake Plummer, who threw way too many picks early in his career and cost them a lot of games.

    As far as the Bidwell's/Bidwill's, they might well be your typical, garden variety Republican cucks, who are far too common these days. But compared to most modern day NFL owners they could be the most Conservative? Either way, I doubt they could change the racial make up of the team, unless they hire a new, "less anti-white" GM -- i.e. Bill Polian type. That isn't happening any time soon.

    P.S: At some point I should revisit my posts regarding how the draft seemingly permanently changed from 1989 to 1990, with the arrival Paul Taglibue. Briefly, the 1989 draft had 12 white first rounders (plus 2 supplemental first rounder's) and at least 48 whites picked (not counting supplemental first rounders) in the top 4 rounds (112 picks).......1990 draft saw 2 whites in round one, 4 whites in round two and about 23 overall among the top 112. That's quite a drop off in just one year!
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    Dec 18, 2004
    The mid-60's Cardinals wouldn't have had a play called "n****** go deep." Their receivers, Wide outs Sonny Randle and Bobby Jo Conrad, and TE Jackie Smith, were white.

    I recall the expression though. It was in Dan Jenkins' 1972 novel, "Semi-Tough." Oddly, the protagonist of the novel, Billy Clyde Puckett, was a white running back with Jim Brown's physical talent. The character was from Jenkins' high school and college, Paschal High in Fort Worth and TCU.

    The reviewers of the time were either too stupid or didn't want to admit it, but there was a 60's white RB who fit the description, Joe Don Looney, who went to Paschal High. In a 1971 book, Fran Tarkenton said: "Joe Don Looney blew out of Oklahoma with the credentials to be another Jimmy Brown."

    Unfortunately, Looney was the Johnny Manziel of his day.
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    Sep 30, 2004
    I'm sure you're right, "Semi-Tough" would be where I remember that play from.
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    I'm not sure if the Cardinals are perpetual caste drafters because of a true philosophy or because the organization is very cheap when it comes scouting and retaining football management.

    If you look at the AFC equivalent to the Cardinals the Bungles it's also a family run team with a frugal bent to them. The Bungles run the team like a hot dog stand or the way NFL and AFL teams were run in the 60's because of low revenues and poorer owners. I know the Bungles literally have all of the family net worth tied into the team and as of a few years ago had no GM and the senior Brown he may be in the early stages of senility, he refuses to listen to any sense from anybody.

    If you aren't committed to analytics or thinking outside the box then your team will regard scouting service grades as the bible. As we have seen with the various busts over the years, these scouts are far from Moses atop Mount Sinai.
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    It's official, everyone's favorite diminutive Heisman Trophy winning QB Kyler Murray is going the football route and declining to play minor-league ball for the Oakland A's. It shouldn't surprise anyone. Now the media can go all-in on the hype train for him. Prepare yourself for many gag-inducing puff pieces as they try to get Murray drafted first overall.
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    Oct 21, 2012
    The mainstream media made a big deal about Baker Mayfield's height and the system he played in.

    I'll bet they do the opposite with Murray. They'll minimize his height and argue it's not that important. They'll minimize the impact of the system he played in.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Normally all this wild hype surrounding this munchkin Murray, and believe me it is off the charts the past few days, would bother me but now that I am still basking in the Patriots SB win I can handle these matters with bemusement.

    I know this site is not seen as a "legitimate" sports source due to it's 'slant" ( which I would argue is a usually a good slant), it needs to be pointed out that I can't think of another sports media outlet that called his "baseball bluff" out earlier and more pronounced than myself and others here at CF.

    We figured right. No way was this media hound going to toil away in anonymity in the swampy pastures of the minor leagues although he could return to the scene of the crime if the NFL doesn't work out. A real possibility folks. Besides sports such as baseball, golf and tennis are the most difficult to master at the high end whereas football is the easiest.

    What is strange and a little surprising even for someone jaded like me is how Murray has suddenly mutated into a possible number one pick. Rumors are flying all over the place. Many think Gruden will bite if the Cardinals don't or some team will jump up to grab this risky player.

    For me he is too small all around but time will tell. But surely the consensus number one pick in the draft and still in my mind the best player in the draft, Nick Bosa, is the least talked about number one type pick I can ever recall. And it isn't because he is a DE either. We had to hear miles of hype surrounding Myles Garrett and J Clowney as recent examples of black "supermen." And frankly Bosa is to me a better prospect than those two overhyped specimens.

    But again as mentioned many times the media has a special place in their heart for fast athletic black QBs who "might" be able to pass too just witness the Lamar Jackson lovefest or going back to RG3 and especially Michael Vick. And for all the hype surrounding Mahomes The Chiefs ended up where they likely would have if much maligned QB Alex Smith was still with them.

    Meanwhile QB Josh Allen, who had so much less to work with I can't even begin to list them, isn't seen as one of the exciting new faces in the NFL?

    Once again the media gets a woody over another "potential" run/pass black QB I still won't let it ruin my post SB mood and I am especially looking forward to this draft. Based on the combine invites I am hoping this trend of loading up with all black and usually terrible defenses starts to ease. Including white DBs in the mix is another must do but we will have to wait for that day although I will comment on a white
    HS CB star who has caught my attention.

    I wouldn't get too rattled by all this hype noise surrounding Murray and other "black supermen." The Patriots won a SB with two starting white WRs and a significant back up white RB. Sooner or later this "white thing" might stick better now than in the past.

    Of course I am looking at everything with rose colored glasses at the moment and my mind could turn dark in an instant but for now I am watching things calmer than usual.
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    Jul 20, 2018
    I've seen Murray mocked to Jaguars at Number 7 pick in countless mock drafts. At this point I just find it comical. Let the 5'8 180lb QB play. He quick,but he's one clean hit away from IR.

    The pressure is on for Andrew Wingard. Lone White DB invited to the combine. It would be awesome for him to run in 4.4 range, though mid 4.5 range is more likely. IDC though, based on tape he should be a lock as a 4-7th Rd pick.

    Wouldn't consider Rapp white, but I'll cheer for him. Along with Wingard, he's the only other actual diversity amongst the DBs invited to the NFL Combine!

    Chris Johnson should have garnered an invite. Tall and rangy Safety. Would have been interesting to see him run. Snyder, Gervase, Baldwin all ignored...
  9. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    One of the many rumors surrounding Murray is that Arizona will pick him at number one and trade Rosen, perhaps to New England.

    I actually hope they do pick Murray. Not only do I dislike the Cards, whose history has been much discussed here of late, I just think it is one of the dullest football towns out there. Tampa Bay and their awful pig swamp field, is another one and there are a few others. And I don't want DE Nick Bosa being stuck out there if they took him instead. It is too anonymous playing in Arizona. And if Arizona does tag Murray it allows the 49ers to grab Bosa, which would be a much better destination for him.

    Most cite the new Arizona HC anxious to make a big splash. Problem with that is the GM who picked Rosen is still there so that puts a damper on things.

    At the end of the day I would love to see the Cardinals grab Murray at number one and then after all the hype realize they made a fatal error and he ends up crawling back to baseball in three to four years and the Cardinals become the laughing stock of the NFL. And of course Murray becomes nothing more than a minor league chump.
  10. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Inevitably during the draft unknown black skill players (WR or DB usually) start getting their names called. What starts as a trickle ends in an avalanche. There are always a few 5'9" 178 black "speedsters" from back wood colleges that have the gurus salivating.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if late round picks weren't just the same ole "close your eyes throw the dart at the black dartboard" routine but a well researched intelligent move to fill up a roster with a meaningful player?

    A perfect example of that is BC's Michael Walker the premier special teams return man available in this draft. These clowns make the NFL draft seem so complicated but in reality it is more a course in common sense, something generally lacking in today's NFL brass.

    You plug Walker in as a PR/KR and ST defender. Then as a bonus he might end up as solid WR to boot. Safe, intelligent pick even if the gurus are out there following some untalented black sap from nowhere. They want no part of Walker. An explosive white return man doesn't sit well with them it seems.

    Below is an interview with Walker. Will a team have the nerve to draft him? Probably not since cowardice wins out nearly every draft season but it is absurd that teams would ignore such a talented game disrupter. If I have posted this interview before I apologize in advance.

  11. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    There are more than a few terrific white prospects who were not invited to the combine. Michael Walker above is one of them and so is WR Scott Miller, yet another versatile player than can play special teams. I am looking forward to seeing Miller's workout times. I expect very fast times. He has jet speed. The NFL has consistently left off many white speedsters off the combine invite list through the years and it seems deliberate.

    The pro day workout schedules, which begin March 5th, have been released and you will want to jot down a few key dates. Just a small sampling below.

    March 19- Bowling Green (Scott Miller)

    March 20 -BC ( Michael Walker)

    March 21 Cal- (Patrick Laird)

    If it was up to me which it isn't of course here is where I believe these players should get drafted.

    Walker-6th round

    Miller-6th round

    Laird-6th round

    One other so called "sleeper" prospect is NC LB Cole Holcomb who I had mentioned in an earlier post.
    Holcomb was very impressive during East West Shrine week. His pro day is March 25th and expect some eye popping numbers. His speed is off the charts and he is a first rate athlete at 6'1 235.

    Holcomb is another easy 6th round pick because beyond LB a team is getting a ready made ST player as well. Underrated and should have been invited to the combine but as is the case so often very fast white prospects are often left out of the combine.

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