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    Yea at this point it is irrefutable! We are witnessing the phenomena of teams getting better as they go whiter. There are a handful of teams that I have no doubt are following this philosophy (Dodgers, Braves, Rockies) We are witnessing the Philies starting to white wash their lineup too.The Giants are the only outlier as they have been one of the worst teams in baseball for some reason, I dont know what the issue is
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    Since the draft is behind us and the 2020 high school players are entering the heart of their camp season why not take a stroll down memory lane. Might bore the hell out of many but that has never stopped me before. Besides history is sometimes instructive.

    Keep in mind in every baseball draft there are many ( dozen or so) speedsters who are essentially track types who never get above High A ball. They are way under the radar.

    But there are also speedsters, white and black etc. who have a chance. And then there are the premium player/speedsters who are generally chosen in the first few rounds. Even on the top end only a handful of players make it big.

    The 2000 draft was a joyous occasion for me but ultimately like so many others ended up as frustrating years later when all the dust had settled. This is something that often has happened. And still does to this day.

    Five notable white speedsters stick out for me in the 2000 draft.

    Tommy Murphy was a 6.51 runner who stalled after a few years in the minors.

    OF Chris Morris was from Citadel and was drafted by the Cardinals. He stole 84 bases out of 94 attempts his senior year. That is not a typo.

    There is more. In 2001 he stole 111 bases at single A. Again not a typo. In high A he stole 67 bases in 2003. But white speedsters are avoided like the plague in general and Morris basically didn't have an MLB career. They just let him run himself into the ground.

    OF Rich Thompson ditto. A similar flash runner, Thompson ended up stealing 486 bases in his long minor league career. One year he stole 58 bases and was caught just 8 times despite just batting .247.

    As he slowly moved up the ladder his BA improved but by the time he had a cup of coffee in the big leagues he was "too old" to be considered a prospect and like so many other white speedsters he was tossed aside.

    But the two players I was most excited about were first round picks.

    Before that I should point out 2B Chase Utley was drafted that year in the first round as was former Stanford QB Joe Bourchard. Utley became a star. Bouchard couldn't hit a lick and fell off in short order. Another two sport white player who mistakenly thought they were a better baseball player than football player.

    Universally considered the best athlete in the draft among viable prospects, Rocco Baldelli was a four sport star in high school. Long, lean lithe and fast as a whistle he was a star basketball and volleyball player. I think he could leap 40 inches. He was also a sprint star on his track and field team. There are excellent athletes and there are guys like Rocco who are exceedingly rare. Super duper athletic! But baseball was where he settled and he had the blinding speed (6,38 in the 60) and overall hitting and fielding skills that had many scouts excited.

    After a superb rookie outing for the Bucs in 2003 people were predicting big things from this speedster who a few thought might turn into a modern day Joe D. He was brought up here at CF back then. Sports Illustrated had a big feature. Then the trouble started. He eventually tore his ACL before the 2005 season but he had another rare medical disorder that truly hampered him and in the blink of an eye a few years later the promising Rocco was out of baseball. He is now the manager of the red hot Twins and has a brother playing for BC.

    Below I have added an SI article on him while his star was still on the rise.


    Then there was CF David Krynzel. Considered the fastest player in the draft, Krynzel ripped a scorching 6.31 60 at the biggest showcase of the year. It was by far the fastest time there. Drafted in the first round by the Brewers I was looking forward to seeing this speedster at the big league level. He modeled his game after Steve Finley and nothing gets my attention more than a swift white CF with a lot of promise.

    What happened? Not much. He slogged through the minors to no avail. He was briefly called up several years after being drafted but left no discernable mark. After that he was gone in a flash. To the nameless baseball graveyard where so many mostly unknown white speedsters are laid to rest.
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    I have mentioned him before but MISS ST CF Jake Mangum and his team have advanced another step in the college world series. The speedy Mangum comes from an athletic family as his father was a CB at Alabama and with the Bears. His Uncle Kris was a ten year TE in the NFL.

    Mangum was chosen in the 4th round by the Mets. He passed up the draft last year because he was drafted too low to get that nice bonus money. But at 23 he is not considered a premium prospect and at best hopes to make an MLB team as a 4th or 5th outfielder.

    But he has been raking it all season and making spectacular catches in the OF. Here is hoping Jake does manage to make it. See below.

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    I’m not sure but maybe Truthteller is onto something with the steroid use among the Latino players. If MLB is using stricter testing and enforcement, than these guys have regressed to their natural place in the talent totem pole.

    I’m rooting for the Dodgers to win it all this year with hopefully a fully White lineup. However I have been a Yankees fan my entire life so I still follow the team closely. Their 2019 campaign has been an interesting one so far. They’ve been playing 1st place ball with all their diverse stars injured: Stanton, Judge, Gregorious, Andujar and Hicks (for awhile). In their stead, the afterthought White players have stepped up and lead the way. Maybe this will be an eye opening experience for manager Aaron Boone, who I consider fairly anti-White due to his Caste-tainted maneuvers / favoritism last year coupled with the fact he adopted 2 Haitian boys to terrorize his biological children.

    On opening day, DJ LeMahieu was not even starting. He was brought on as a super utility player who’d get “regular at bats”. Injuries threw him into a regular role almost immediately and he hasn’t stopped hitting since. He’s currently batting.321 with 41 runs, 14 doubles, 7 home runs and 41 RBI. The 41 RBI is absurd when you factor he’s hit lead off most of the year. He’s also an extremely tough out with a low strikeout rate. A real throwback player that I love watching.

    The other 2 guys who have helped carry the offense have been 1st baseman Luke Voit and corner outfielder Clint Frazier. Voit has been a consistent power threat hitting 3rd or 4th. Luke’s hitting .263 with 41 runs, 15 homers and 41 RBI. Pretty good for a guy who’s basically a rookie still (doesn’t even have a full season under his belt). Frazier has hit .283 with 11 homers and 32 RBI. Pretty good as he also spent a short stint of the IL. Only 24 years old so lots of room to improve still and has lightning quick wrists. Can turn on virtually any pitch.
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    I have another example of bias against white speedsters. The Tigers center fielder Jacoby Jones is the fastest player the Tigers have had in years. He was one of the best outfielders in the game last year. He did not hit well though and has been constantly under the gun, with management, media and fans. The threat of benching, demotion to AAA, or release had been held over his head like a sword.

    Contrast that with Byron Bruxton of the Twins. Almost the exact same player (although Jones has more power). Bruxton has stayed for 5 years and never hit a lick. Everytime the Twins come to town everyone raves about Bruxtons endless potential. While at the same time predicting the demise of Jones.

    Why isn't it expected that the white guy is going to someday realize the potential of his athleticism?

    Fortunately Jones has been hot the last month which has eased the pressure on him. The kid really is exciting to watch.
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    A 24 year old athletic outfielder who is black or Latin with a quicksilver bat, just coming into his own, batting .283 with 11 dingers ( in less than 200 at bats) and an impressive .375 RISP stat line and well he is here to stay. Of course. Unless he is white.

    The Yankees did a dirty by sending this young man back to Triple A. Yes OF Clint Frazier was whisked out of town to make room for all or nothing Edwin Encarnacion. EE is batting .241. Sure with 21 dingers but he is a swing and miss base clogging unreliable in the clutch old ball player.

    And with another similar base clogging swing and miss type in OF Stanton returning along with RF Judge who is a decent fielder but again no speed to speak of the Yankees will now have to sit Gardner a lot. Gardner is not only a spark plug but a threat on the bases and a Gold Glove type of outfielder. Now they will feature a statue in LF in Stanton.

    Nice job Yankees who by the way are currently in first place with Gardner and Frazier being main keys to the puzzle.

    So now the Yankees will have a power hitting team with no speed and a lot of swing and miss at bats. A recipe for not winning a world series.

    As for Frazier lets just say he is unhappy. Or to put a fine point on it he is pissed. A player works his entire life to make in into the big leagues. Finally gets there after loads of adversity. Proves he has MLB talent and at 24 should be comfortably nestling in for hopefully a long career. And what does he get for his troubles? Demoted.

    Joe Girardi tried to put a positive spin on it on the MLB network with the ole keep your chin up kid stuff. But he was a ball player once and he knows the real score. It is a royal slap in the face and the Yankees front office made a caste move. Hope it comes back and bites them in the ass.

    In other news Mike Trout went 2-4 with a home run, his 19th. He has been in a slump lately. I live and die with his at bats. Want to see him get hot so I can sleep easily at night.

    And Cody Bellinger bopped one last night too. 23 now!! Love to see Cody win the NL MVP award.
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