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    Zenner could be a very solid all-around three-down back, which is rare in itself these days. Dalvin Cook has stayed pretty healthy this season for the first time, but signing with Minnesota was still far and away the right move for Zenner to have made last offseason. Not sure what they offered him but it was likely a multi-year deal. Even though Cook has stayed healthy and played very well, the back they drafted in lieu of signing Zenner, Alexander Mattison, still has 462 yards rushing so far this season. Looking back, Zach's failure to sign with the Vikings out of misplaced loyalty to the team that had screwed him over time and again was likely the final nail in the coffin as far as having any chance at a decent NFL career.
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    You are right his brother who probably wasn't going to be above an arena level player(which is about AA baseball) quit the game while in college. Nate Eachus who was given the bum steer by Fat Bastard retired and then launched a comeback in a league below even the Arena League so that would be A ball or an independent league and Eachus attended an Ivy League school so you would think he has the ability to do something positive in his life beyond football.

    Supposedly Eachus got the itch to play again while coaching that level of football.

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