2018 World Cup

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    Mesut Ozil said Sunday he was quitting the German national football team, citing "racism" in the criticism of him in the side's World Cup debacle.

    "It is with a heavy heart and after much consideration that because of recent events, I will no longer be playing for Germany at international level whilst I have this feeling of racism and disrespect," he tweeted.


    He didn't do much in recent years. No great loss.
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    LOL. Later, Ozil. Lass dich nicht von der Tür auf dem Weg nach draußen treffen!
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    Good riddance, that filthy vermin was never, ever a German as far as I'm concerned and it's very obvious he felt the same way. Not just because of what he's saying now, but recall he was one of the 3 "Germans" on the team who never sang the national anthem and made it very clear it was because of his Turkish roots.

    Hopefully Khedira and Boateng will follow him soon, although that's little consolation because Germany appears to be trending in the same direction as England/France/Belgium.
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    What a parasitical POS. Good riddance to bad garbage. Muslims are just a cancer to Europe.
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    May 14, 2015
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    I am thrilled that Russia did an absolutely fantastic job with organizing the 2018 World Cup and I am very happy that the host team was able to exceed the expectations. I think that it’s good that the first such tournament to take place in Eastern Europe also featured a technical innovation that generally did not affect the flow of the game and arguably allowed for fairness to prevail, at least in certain situations (unfortunately, not so much in the case of the final).

    I didn’t expect France to win the World Cup given that they did not impress me that much in the qualifying matches and the friendlies prior to the competition…If it wasn’t for the disappointing performances of Germany, Spain, and Argentina, I doubt that the French would have been able to go all the way. I actually rooted for Brazil against Belgium because I had the feeling that the South Americans who appeared tactically astute under Tite while still having quality individuals were the only team capable of stopping France. I am of the opinion that they were rather unlucky against Belgium (who nonetheless deserve a lot of credit for the historic third place they reached and the enjoyment they provided in their matches), though the Belgians probably felt the same after their semi-final against France.

    Croatia and Iceland could be regarded as the silver linings for tournament from my standpoint. A Balkan country earning a silver medal in the company of the crème de la crème is an amazing achievement. I find it admirable that the Croats also made sure to win the last match from the group stage and never lost their focus. I prefer perfectionist teams who give it their all in every game rather than those who lack motivation and only shift up a gear when the stakes are high. I think that Iceland (even if they seemed weaker compared to two years ago) will continue to improve and inspire their loyal fans. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality shown by Japan and England.

    Regarding the victory of the France national team, I may be overreaching, but here is something that I never expected to come across. It has a bit of a bizarre twist to it. Most of you may have heard of comedian Trevor Noah – he is a South African of mixed race and very often pokes fun at Donald Trump and his policies (on the Daily Show). Even though he does not self-identify as a left-winger, virtually all of us would agree that he displays a liberal bias. However, Noah recently had this segment, during which he called France an African team and seemed genuine in his belief that being French equals being white (the reason I am saying that is because I get the impression that the opinions expressed in his sketches usually seem to reflect his own political stances and he never includes the disclaimer that only “racists” subscribe to the viewpoint that he puts forth). However, maybe Noah wanted to convince the viewers that lifting the World Cup in Russia was essentially a victory for the black race.

    If you scroll down and read the comments, you will notice that Noah is getting a lot of stick (some of it from black people) and blamed for appearing to share the sentiments of Front National members and other groups considered to be right-wing.

    I will leave you with a video that is a true tribute to the efforts of the Croatia national team:

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    in Italy we say:
    they won the world championship but lost their nation.

    with a little delay it is good to specify.
    French blacks are not just black guys born in france.
    the French football federation has been looting the former colonies for decades, they go to those very poor countries and import talented kids (as if they were goods and not people).
    the kids are educated in football and if they learn they become professionals ... one in 100.
    the Africans protested for this looting.
    the French (2 world championships ago) protested why too many Africans renounced French nationality to play with their original countries. (Semicit. Deschamps).

    and in fact only 2 nationals players were born in africa.

    this makes it clear how alchemical and packaged in the laboratory this national (the French are strange, they play rugby not soccer).

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