2018 Penn State Nittany Lions

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    Since '05, Penn State has had 8, 10, 9, 8, 12, 10,8,10, 9, 10, 8, 8 and 8 white players. In 2018 they drop to an all time low of 6 projected white starters. Franklin is doing his best to emulate Urban Meyer and make another SEC team in the Big 10.

    Players to watch out for are QB Tommy Stevens, TE Nick Bowers, TE Danny Dalton, OL Will Fries, LB Jake Cooper, LB Jan Johnson

    QB - Trace McSorley
    LT - Ryan Bates
    LG - Connor McGovern
    C - Michal Menet
    LG - Steven Gonzalez

    DT - Robert Windsor
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    Thanks Leofan.

    My caste prick meter is pretty keen and Franklin fits the bill. I have been predicting this outcome for years now.

    With that he deserves some credit for the likes of S Apke--albeit he switched him from WR and TE Gesicki. He also starts a dynamic athletic QB in McSorley.

    But his recruiting practices bear the hallmarks of a caste follower. The biggest evidence is his refusal to even recruit the local dynamic RB Zane Dudek who is now making a name for himself at Yale.

    A key give away for a proponent of caste is someone who steers away from recruiting white RBs, WRs and DBs which is exactly what Franklin has done.

    A team like Penn State with a history of great white LBs is no longer recognizable.

    You are probably correct Leofan, Franklin is making damn sure his team will have an SEC caste like look. This being Penn State we can always hold out hope that a white or two emerges at a key position but hope is the operative word.
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    Looks like Jan Johnson has both gotten a scholarship now and is starting at linebacker. Also, does Penn St now have a snowplough o-line. I believe Will Fries is now starting at tackle.
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