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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Deceptive Speed, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    It's never too early to start predicting the future! I'm tired of reading the same old draft predictions that list a few of our star players, but mainly dedicate their site's to promoting black's. So I decided to knock-off BSPN's Chad Ford, and make my own big board ranking top White prospects. So here you go!
    Deceptive Speed's 2018 NBA Draft Big Board:
    Rank/ Size/ Position, Country or Team/ Pick Prediction
    1. Luka Doncic 6'7 220, SG, Slovenia, Real Madrid, 1st overall pick!!

    2. Grayson Allen 6'5 210, SG, USA, Duke, Lottery pick

    3. Killin Tillie 6'10 215, SF/PF, France, Gonzaga, Lottery pick

    4. Rodions Kurucs 6'9 220, SF, Latvia, FC Barcelona, Mid-late 1st round

    5. Dzanan Musa 6'9 195, SF, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cedevita, Mid-late 1st round

    6. Ethan Happ 6'10 235, PF/C, USA, Wisconsin, Late 1st round

    7. Moritz Wagner 6'11 235, PF, Germany, Michigan, Late 1st round

    8. Sviatoslav Mykhaliuk 6'8 205, Ukraine, Kansas, Late 1st-early 2nd round

    9. Omer Yurtseven 7'0 250, C, Turkey, NC State, Late 1st-early 2nd round (Turkish kinda dark??)

    9. Arnoldas Kulboka 6'9 205, SF, Lithuania, Capo D'Orlando, Early 2nd round

    10. Drew Eubanks 6'10 240, USA, PF/C, Oregon State, Early 2nd round

    11. Thomas Welsh 7'1 255, C, USA, UCLA, Early 2nd round

    13. Jock Landale 6'11 255, PF/C, Australia, Saint Marys, Early-mid 2nd round

    14. Borisa Simanic 6'10 220, SF/PF, Serbia, Crvena Zvezda, Early-mid 2nd round

    15. Isaac Haas 7'2 290, C, USA, Purdue, Mid 2nd round

    15. Tadas Sedekerskis 6'10 210, SF, Lithuania, Baskonia, Mid 2nd round

    16. Matt Farrell 6'1 180, PG, USA, Notre Dame, Mid-late 2nd round (Hard seeing him this late)

    17. J.P. Macura 6'5 205, SG, USA, Xavier, Late 2nd round

    18. Dino Radoncic 6'8 220, SF, Serbia, Real Madrid, Late 2nd round

    19. Vanjah Marinkovic 6'7 200, SG/SF, Serbia, Partizan, Late 2nd-UDFA

    20. Ben Lammers 6'10 235, PF/C, USA, Georgia Tech, UDFA

    21. Vladimir Bodziansky 6'11 230, PF, Slovakia, TCU, UDFA

    22. Bryant McIntosh 6'3 200, PG, USA, Northwestern, UDFA

    23. Goga Bitadze 6'11 250, C, Georgia, Mega Bemax, Late 2nd-UDFA

    24. Tryggvi Hlinason 7'1 260, C, Iceland, Valencia, Late 2nd-UDFA
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  2. white lightning

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    Oct 16, 2004
  3. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    One could argue until they turn blue if it is better in the long run for white players to declare early for the NBA. In nearly all but a few cases I would argue it is BETTER for them to stay in school for their long haul future outlook. Preferably all four years with but a few three year exceptions.

    The NBA is NOT what it used to be. There was always a heavy black presence going back many years but it was still a foundational coach driven league until the late 80's. Over the years it has evolved into a black social club making it much more difficult now than ever before for white "stars" to emerge. As I mentioned earlier I no longer enjoy the NBA game much. There are still whites dotting rosters but the majority of them are either role players, bench dwellers or in several cases all star caliber players. The question I have asked for countless years is if we will ever see another Larry Bird like player emerge in the NBA and sadly the answer has been a resounding no. What you rarely see these days are top teams led by a white star. Only Gordon Hayward ( out) and maybe Goran Dragic fit that description. Players like Nikola Jokic and Porzingis have talent but neither one has led their team to the playoffs ( Denver fell short last night).

    With that backdrop why are white American players in such a rush to join the NBA?

    Last year I argued that the early entry white players for this season made a mistake. Only Lauri Markkanen had a very good rookie season averaging 15 pts and 7.5 rebounds a game. I think he surprised a lot of experts who had their doubts about him. Even so Markkanen in my opinion should have stayed at Arizona for at least one more year. He is the rare white player who was somewhat NBA ready after just one college season. But again for long term purposes jumping early doesn't mean it will help his career in the long haul good rookie season or not.

    As I predicted the results for the remaining three were pretty damn bad.

    The next best was Luke Kennard who averaged over 7 pts a game. But his career path is eerily similar to another SG who left after two years of college, Nick Stauskas. Stauskas jumped far too early and has never developed beyond a role player. Will Kennard suffer the same fate? Too early to tell but at least one more season at Duke was warranted. Imagine an Allen/Kennard back court together for one more shot at the title?

    TJ Leaf had an exciting freshman season at UCLA with his flashy dunking and all around play but spent this last season as a bench warmer.

    Tyler Lydon disappeared into the "G" league then hurt is knee.

    The frustrating thing about these three players is they played for the highest profile colleges in the country and would have been marquee college stars this past season. Maybe superstars. In our faces daily and impossible for ESPN to ignore. Instead they opted for the anonymity of the NBA and from a caste perspective this scenario DID NOT help MOVE the anti caste NEEDLE. If these players including Marrkanen had stayed in school imagine what a Duke/Syracuse/Arizona/UCLA Final Four would have looked like in terms of putting a hurt on the caste narrative? Thankfully Donte D helped bail out that situation to a certain degree.

    C Jakob Poetltl left after two years and while he is contributing nicely off the Toronto bench in his second season he is still a "role" player.

    So at least I am happy to report that Gonzaga's PF Killian Tillie will remain at school for his junior season. I would hope other whites follow him. Mo Wagner, Ethan Happ and Drew Eubanks I have but one thing to say. STAY IN SCHOOL!!
  4. Jack Lambert

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Great post Shadowlight!! I have to type my agreement with this sentiment yet again. This could have been a great year for our guys, but NONE of these guys languishing in the G-League or whatever it is now are helping fight against the Caste System. Is Kennard really helping against the caste system with his minuscule minutes off the Detroit bench most nights? Or, would it have helped more to see him and Grayson Allen, as shadow mentioned.

    Here's one shadow missed: former Marquette star Henry Ellenson, who bolted to the draft after one year. He's now averaging 4 whole points off the bench in 38 games for Detroit. Yeah, leaving after one year was an awful decision for him too.

    I'm glad to hear Tillie went back, but Wagner and Eubanks are heading to the NBA. Wagner, I don't mind as much, but wish he would've came back. Eubanks, not so much. Terrible decision on his part. Won't be drafted, and will be forgotten about overseas within a couple of years. Happ better not go. Wisconsin will be a Top 15 team with Happ next year. Tillie's decision great; everything I heard said he was going to the draft. Jon Elmore is one who also declared; he better come back.

    It's better for us both in terms of the NBA and NCAA if our guys stay in college. They can be great players at the college level, and their pro prospects will get better.
  5. celticdb15

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    Jul 24, 2007
    Nice thread!

    First I've heard of Doncic!
  6. The Hock

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    Mar 16, 2008
    Northern California
    Even if a white player fails to make that big a splash in the NBA the money will damn sure make a huge splash in his bank account.

    If you know you'll get drafted and make a roster it's hard to risk injury for another year in college and lose all that.

    Take the money and run says I.
  7. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Following up on JL's post we now have another supreme dumb ass move as talented but raw Drew Eubanks declares for the NBA draft. With another year of seasoning he could have been a border line first round draft pick. He was vastly improving each of his first three seasons. He could have turned into a Mason Plumlee like player at the NBA level with some more seasoning. Like JL says now he might not get drafted at all. These white players are getting infected from the black playground mentality of grabbing the GUSTO as quick as possible without any foresight. Stop drinking that cool aid.

    Happ would be foolish to declare and I suspect Jon Elmore will be back at school because unlike Eubanks he was smart enough to test the waters before taking the plunge.

    As for Mo Wagner hell even his cute mom could pass as a college upper class college student which tells me he is too young to declare. Why declare early when you can improve your draft status by staying in school one more season? Too much instant gratification going on in society with young people today. Too bad they don't look before they leap.

    The NBA is a black social club run by "their inner rules." It is not like college basketball at all where the coach lays down the law and teams practice unity and teamwork. More than any other league blacks control things in the NBA.

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